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Double Rainbow after storm

Fri ,15/07/2011

On May 22, Jordan and I were sitting at home waiting for our friends to come over when our neighbor came over and told us that the hospital in Joplin had been destroyed by a tornado. We turned on our emergency radio and sure enough, there was a tornado warning for our area. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty scary, I usually just ignore the sirens . The sky turned a green/yellow color and there was a ton of hail and rain. After it was all done, we looked outside and there was a beautiful double rainbow.

Jordan’s Biking Adventures

Thu ,14/07/2011

Jordan has progressively gotten into several different forms of exercise in the past year or two. When we moved out from Utah, Jordan was using the treadmill and lifting weights. After he had gotten on a good schedule with that, he started swimming in the mornings. Well, in April, Jordan and I decided that it would be a good idea if he started biking, not only for exercise, but to also save money on gas. I keep telling him he should sign up for a triathlon.

Jordan found a bike at REI that he liked:

Now, if you know Jordan, you know that he never, ever makes a big purchase unless he does research on it and thinks about it for a long time (weeks and sometimes months). So, after all his research, he settled on this bike, one that he could ride on the road, but also go mountain biking with. So we went to REI (and the temple, we always go to the temple and REI when we go to St Louis), and got the bike as well as the roof rack.

Jordan came home and loved the bike the first time he rode it. However, after he started to ride it and put the front wheel on, the disk brake started to grind and this makes it very difficult to ride smoothly, and causes a lot more exertion on the rider than when the bike is working properly. After several frustrating rides, we decided to take the bike back and get another one from a bike store around here.

Jordan had a Trek bike in Utah and the back tire got stolen, so he sold it. Jordan did some research on Trek bikes and decided on this one:

After Jordan got this bike, he loves riding his bike to work. He drives his car to the YMCA and bikes to and from work every day.

Lawn Mower + Frogs = x(

Tue ,12/07/2011

With all the rain we had in April, there were a ton of frogs. I think frogs are much cuter in cartoons or on baby clothes than they are in real life. I think they are fun to take pictures of and usually when I mow I try and pick them up or “help” them get out of the way of the lawn mower.

On May 13 (I only remember the day because it was Friday the 13th). I was mowing the lawn and ran over a big frog :(. I about threw up when I figured out what I had done. I called Jordan at work and told him what I had done. He said he would clean it up when he got home and so I just mowed around where it was. It wasn’t until I was done that I figured out that it wasn’t done totally dead, because it had hopped over to some close by grass :(.

Jordan tried to feed the frog to the chickens, but they wouldn’t eat it. I also wouldn’t take care of them as long as it was there. We haven’t killed any frogs since then.

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Tue ,21/06/2011

A couple of months ago, Jordan and I started looking at plots of land around here. We thought it would be cool to have bees on the land so that we could have honey. Well, we didn’t end up buying land, but we did end up getting a hive of bees.

It’s been a pretty rough start for the bees. We’ve had pretty much everything that can go wrong with bees happen. The queen died or left the hive, wax moths (they eat the comb so the honey just drips to the bottom), ants (that eat the honey), etc. Things are going better now, and so hopefully the hive gets built up enough that they can survive during the winter.


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New Hens and a Rooster?

Tue ,14/06/2011

Jordan and I decided we wanted to get some more chickens, because they are easy to take care of and some of his coworkers wanted to buy eggs from us. So we bought some chickens from the same farmer we got fatty, fatty fatty, and fattyx3. So we called him and told him we wanted more chickens.

We went out to his farm and he let us pick out some chickens, and we didn’t have to get all brown ones, so we got some Barred Plymouth Rock hens (they look like zebras) and one Production Red (it is a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a New Hampshire Red). We came home, and noticed that the red chicken was having a hard time walking, it would take one step and fall over. Then we noticed that one leg was a different color than the other one, kind of a grey color. It was super sad because the other chickens would pick on it. So the chicken just put it’s head under it’s wing and let the other chickens pick out it’s feathers.

We just felt really bad for the chicken because there was not much we could do. The chickens would leave it alone when we were out there, but then attack it when we left. So we called the chicken farmer and asked if we could exchange it with a different chicken. They told us that they chicken probably got frostbite on that leg, and it caused the gimpy leg. They had places on their farm where they put chickens that have problems like that, so that it would live a happy life on their farm.

Jordan went and exchanged the chicken for another chicken that we kept for a while. We noticed that the zebras and the red chicken would hang out together and older chickens would pack together once their pecking order was established. We put them in the corner that they live in during the summer, and we noticed they were all attacking the new red chicken, which we thought was weird. I kept telling Jordan that Ginger (that’s what we named it) was going to be such a pretty chicken, with the nice teal feathers. Then we were outside working in the garden and we heard the chicken make a really weird noise. It didn’t sound like a rooster, but it was not a hen sound. We had some friends that came over and were walking to the back gate, and they weren’t convinced it was a rooster either.

Jordan went to work the next Monday and asked one of his coworkers who has a ton of chickens about it. I took pictures, and his coworker was convinced it was both a male and a female chicken, pretty useless if you want eggs. Then I took some more pictures, and you could see the spur buds on the rooster’s leg.

We knew we had to get rid of him (we changed his name to Rocky). I’m sure our neighbors would not appreciate a rooster. Jordan has a coworker that was willing to take him and have him live on the farm. So we gave him to that coworker. That coworker has an animal proof fence, so his animals are safe from ground animals, but not flying animals. The second day he was on the farm, Jordan’s coworker said that he got out of the fence and he hasn’t seen him since. :S

I just keep telling myself that he is on a Chicken Sanctuary like the chickens on Chicken Run.

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Smart Chickens

Wed ,02/03/2011

Here are some funny pictures of the chickens. They really like the garden now that there are no plants in it. They love to dig in dirt and eat bugs. They are so funny. After the Halloween party, the pumpkin guts were on top of the table, and I came home from work and the chickens had jumped on the table and were eating the seeds from the pumpkins:

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They have been laying so well since the weather has gotten colder. We usually get 3-4 eggs a day:

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Mon ,21/02/2011

We haven’t written any blog posts in a long time. I promise it’s not because we’re lazy, we’ve just been so busy doing fun things that we’re behind on blogging about it. I promise that we’ll write something this week. So stay tuned for some pictures :).

Jordan’s Injury

Tue ,30/11/2010

Why do the worst injuries seem to happen at Church activities? On the morning of our Halloween Party (October 30), Jordan had an Elder’s Quorum Softball Game ,(the second one). Jordan was going to play racquetball after the game, so I was expecting him to come home in the afternoon anyway. I was at home working on getting stuff ready for our party, and Jordan came home early with a swollen face full of stitches. He took a fly ball to the face, which cut his top and bottom lip and left his front teeth loose. He even finished the game. Luckily there were several doctors and dentists there. A dentist in our ward took Jordan home and gave him some stitches. It took a couple of days, but his teeth stopped hurting and the stitches fell out. Sadly, Jordan still has a scar, but luckily it is inside his mouth.

This picture was from a couple of days after it happened, so the swelling was down.

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Chickens Eating Tomatoes

Sat ,25/09/2010

Well, we knew it was only a matter of time before our chickens discovered the garden. They’re pretty smart (for chickens). We first noticed nice round nests in the dirt, then noticed that only about 1/8 of the corn plants we planted actually grew, they chickens ate the rest of them. At this point in time we just had some chicken wire surrounding their coop (about 2 feet tall). After the corn incident we put a new fence that was two chicken wires high (about 4 feet). Then we watched the chickens jump out of the hole between the two strips of wire. At this point we were thinking, really? Are they that smart?

So we went back to the store and bought some 4 foot fence wire and posts. We put it up, and guess what happened? They jumped over it! At first we didn’t realize what was happening, we just noticed that our tomatoes were getting eaten and we thought other birds were maybe doing it. Then one day we came home from church and Speckles was chowing down on one of the huge heirloom tomatoes, I was so upset that I chucked the eaten tomato at her (I didn’t hit her). The next day I came home from work and the same thing happened, except this time I hit Tantan with the tomato. Now we’ve pretty much given up, really, can you blame them, who doesn’t like fresh garden tomatoes?

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That was also the week day that one of the chickens died (it was very sad). All of the chickens had been roaming around but had gone to sit under the coop because it was a very hot day. I went out because I only saw 4 and thought one of them was out. Then I looked inside the coop and FattyX3 was laying down and clucking funny. I was really upset so I got Jordan and he tried to take her out so we could help her and she died, it was very sad. Also there was a huge egg (so big the egg carton wouldn’t close) next to her. We called the chicken farmer we bought her from and he said it was probably a combination of the heat and the huge egg.  What a sad way to go…

RIP Mercury

Sat ,17/07/2010

June was a really busy month. The church history tour was the first church event in June. Friday we had to meet at 11:30a to drive to Kansas City. We knew that I was going to be driving a lot so we decided that I would drive the newer car and Jordan would drive the old car to work.

So, Jordan left for work and I was packing at home when I got a phone call from Jordan saying that the car broke down on the freeway (this was the second time in two weeks that this had happened). So I start driving to pick him up and eventually picked him up and took him to work. We left the Mercury in the Sam’s Club parking lot. It got towed to the mechanic that day and I went back home and packed for the Church History Tour.