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Wed ,03/04/2013

We had a great Easter this year. There was a Young Women Fundraiser Saturday and Natalie had a lot of fun hunting for eggs and buying treats at the Easter store. She insisted on bring both Easter baskets and wearing her hat the whole time.

Here she is getting eggs:

She got some pictures taken:

(She’s eating a laffy taffy)

Later that afternoon we dyed eggs with the Budds:

It took about 5 minutes for Natalie to spill one of the dyes and she really enjoyed tossing (literally) the eggs into the dye.

The next day we had an Easter egg hunt in nursery and the snacks were hidden in the eggs, the kids seemed to really enjoy it.

We didn’t give Natalie her Easter basket until after church since Jordan was at meetings before church. When we gave it to her she was really excited about the duck pez dispenser and the lollypop:

Here’s a link to a video of her opening her basket.

We had the Newberry family over for dinner and had turkey breast, rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli and lemon blueberry pound cake for dessert. We didn’t take any pictures of food, oops, but it was all delicious.

Late Sunday afternoon Jordan let Natalie play with a sharpie while she was still in her Easter dress. She came inside and had the sharpie open with two giant streaks across her dress. I was pretty upset that he had given her a sharpie in the first place, but as of today I got almost both stains out. The first one is totally gone and the second one (the bigger of the two) is just a faint mark. Yay!

I’m so grateful we were able to spend Easter as a family and with friends.

Cardinals Game 8.20.12

Tue ,21/08/2012

Last night we went to a Cardinals Game. Brother Derges had tickets in box seats and he invited us and a couple other people to join him. They were really good seats and it was fun having a place where Natalie could move around and not bother other people. Natalie enjoyed listening to the music they play during the game and dancing, she was showing off to everyone and loved the attention. About halfway through the game Louie, the mascot, came through the boxes to say hi and take picture with people in the boxes. When he was in the adjacent box, Natalie seemed interested in him.


Her interest quickly turned to terror as he stopped to say hi to her. She was so scared, in fact, that she just froze in place and started screaming and shaking as she held onto the seat for dear life (while I motion to Jordan to take a picture):

She really didn’t trust the giant birdman:

I thought maybe if I held her and we took a picture she’d be okay with it, but nope, that did not fly with Natalie. By the way, I thought it was HILARIOUS and so did most of the people in the box. I can’t wait to see what she does with Santa.

Louie went to the other boxes and Natalie eyed him the entire way down. I tried to put her down when he was still in her eyesight and she screamed and started crying. Once he was gone (for good) she let us put her down and started enjoying the game again. We ended up leaving before the game was over because it was almost 10 and both teams still only had 1 run from early on in the game.

Glade Top Trail with Mike

Thu ,12/07/2012

Jordan and Mike biked the Glade Top Trail on August 8, 2011. I think they biked the Frisco Highland trail while Natalie and I were in Utah, which why there are no pictures of that. It was one of the last things that they did before the Armstrongs moved.

Fourth of July and Natalie’s Birthday

Mon ,09/07/2012

I’m slightly ashamed at my lack of blogging, especially because I constantly justify my lack of a journal because I “blog”. I’m also really sad that I didn’t blog when things were happening, it is so much more exciting right after something happens. Oh well, I’ll just give the excuse that I’m playing with Natalie ;).

Speaking of Natalie. She turned 1 last week! Can you believe it! We have a toddler! I’m still in shock!

There are so many exciting things that a one year old can do! She can drink whole milk (YES!!!!), eat honey and peanut butter, and go on bike rides. We’re working on weaning right now, but I think it is going to be a long process. We bought a bike trailer and Natalie loves it. However, she HATES the helmet. She pulls up on the sides of the helmet and just screams, it is sad/cute/funny.

Jordan had an Elder’s Quorum activity they planned on the morning of the 4th. I worked on things for our party while he was gone. When Jordan got home we went swimming at Brother Derges’ house. He has a nice pool and was kind enough to let us go swimming. Natalie had never gone swimming in a real pool and she had a fun time. She stayed in until she got cold (yes it happens even when it is over 100 outside). She and Lilly had a fun time playing and eating snacks while Ryan and Jordan kept swimming.

We had a Fourth of July/Natalie’s Birthday Party on the 4th.  We had a great time. We made grilled pizzas, individual 7 layer dips, peanut butter cup cookies, cake, ice cream, etc and (as always) there was too much food. I made the pompoms and other decorations (they are kind of hard to see in the picture):

Natalie liked the Strawberry Lemonade Punch:

The ladybug cake I made (it was the first one I ever decorated! I even made the fondant).

Party Favors:

Natalie LOVES her Cabbage Patch Doll

We had a great Fourth of July and Natalie’s Birthday. I hope everyone else had a great day too!

4th of July Party

Thu ,08/12/2011

After our doctors appointment on June 30th, Jordan and I were pretty confident that our baby wasn’t going to be born on her due date (July 4th was our original due date, but it was changed to the July 11th after an early ultrasound). My doctor said that most first time moms are overdue anyway and that after my next appointment (July 6th) that we would schedule an induction date for after the 17th because he was going on vacation. Thank goodness she was born before that!

Because my doctor seemed pretty confident that our baby wasn’t going to be born, we decided we were going to have a July 4th party. We invited the Armstrongs, Brawns, Budds, Gees, and the Wards. Jordan worked on the retaining wall outside and I got stuff set up for the party. I kept forgetting things and I swear I went to Walmart 4 times that day. We always forget to take pictures of food, but we had some great grilled food thanks to Eddie’s grilling skills.

All of us bought a TON of fireworks, and the fireworks were awesome because in Missouri you can have any fireworks. A lot of our neighbors set off fireworks too so it was like one giant firework show. Some of our neighbors even caught a field by our house on fire. We got some cool pictures of the fireworks and sparklers with the kids. The Brawns had to leave early because Veronica had to work an early shift at the hospital (in labor and delivery).  Everyone had left our house by about 11pm and we decided that we would just go to bed and clean everything up the next day. Needless to say that didn’t happen…. Heidi and Ryan were so kind and cleaned our house when we were in the hospital with Natalie.

Cardinals Game with DairiConcepts

Thu ,01/12/2011

Two weeks after going to the baseball game with the tickets my boss gave us was the annual DairiConcepts Family baseball game. We had dinner at Jordan’s work then everyone went to the baseball field to watch the game. Our seats were not as good as they were the last time, but we still had a pretty good view of the game. Our seats this time were also in the middle of a LONG row, which is not the best thing for a very pregnant woman (38.5 weeks at the time). I’m pretty sure everyone in the row understood why I kept getting up to use the bathroom, but I’m also sure it didn’t make it any less annoying.

The game this time was a lot less exciting. The Cardinals dominated, but it was still fun to watch. This game was also on a Friday night, so there were fireworks again.

Jordan, looking good again:

More Fireworks!

Baby Shower

Thu ,01/12/2011

I know this post is from June, but better late than never, right?

On June 4, Heidi and Jen threw me a baby shower and it was awesome. We had a crepe bar with tons of toppings and the crepes were delicious! Thanks Jen, Heidi, and everyone that came!



Memorial Day Party

Sun ,17/07/2011

On Memorial Day we had an awesome party. Jordan had the great idea of making grilled pizzas. We made grilled pizzas and had a bar of toppings so everyone could put whatever they wanted on their pizzas. They were delicious, they taste different than normal pizza, and have their own unique flavor.

You can make them by either buying refrigerated pizza crust from the store, or making your own pizza crust (the homemade holds up better). After making a normal pizza crust, divide the dough into individual sized pizza portions. This makes it easier to get on and off the grill, and who doesn’t like their own pizza? After dividing, roll out into individual pizzas, place tin foil on the grill, spray with cooking spray and grill the crusts so they are precooked.

After the crusts are cooked, assemble the pizzas! First put the sauce, then cheese, then toppings. If you want your toppings cooked, precook them first the grill won’t cook them too much.

There must be something about parties and our house. Rachel went into labor the day after our Memorial Day party and had her baby the day after that. I went into labor the day after our 4th of July Party and had Natalie that day. I guess we need a third person to try it out on…:)

Lake Springfield Float Trip

Wed ,13/07/2011

In April, we went on Lake Springfield with the Armstrongs. The James River and other rivers around here were so  swollen from the rainfall, that small streams leading to them were as wide as the river was.

The Armstrongs had floated on this particular section of Lake Springfield before, so they knew good spots to start and stop. As we were driving to the start point, we kept noticing that parts of the road had been washed out by all the rain, but that didn’t deter us. So Jordan and Mike stopped and dropped Jen, their kids, and me at the start point. It seemed to take a really long time for them to get back with the car (longer than it should have if they were just dropping it off and coming back). They got back and told us that they couldn’t get to the part that the wanted to float to because the lake had flooded and they couldn’t get to it. So they parked maybe a half a mile away and that’s how far we were going.

Needless to say, 1/2 of mile doesn’t take that long to float down. So we made it more interesting by rowing upstream, floating down, and repeating until the Armstrongs had to leave for a birthday party. One really funny thing that happened was that the place where Jordan and Mike parked the cars was pretty steep and super muddy, so pretty much everyone got out of boats, slipped down slope, and got really muddy.

Later that day there was a ward activity for our new ward (our ward was split to make two wards). Jordan rode his bike to the park, rode it around during the activity and played soccer and other sports with the people (mostly youth) from the ward.

Cruise Days 5 and 6

Fri ,03/06/2011

Day 5 was the last full day on the boat. I loved the towel animals, so Mike, Jen, Jordan and I took the towel folding class. Jordan was so good at folding the towels, and I really wanted the book so we bought it. Don’t be surprised if you come to our house to visit and you have a towel dog on your bed :).

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There was a crazy watch sale and people were just buying a ton of stuff, it was so crowded that I didn’t get a picture, but it was like black friday in a room the size of a large bathroom.

Jordan and I played ping pong (I don’t think I got any better the entire cruise)

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Mike and Jen learned the Thriller Dance.

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Jordan and Mike played Chess:

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Jen and I wore the dresses that Mike and Jordan bought us:

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Here’s the food:

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Day 6

When we woke up on Saturday there was a beautiful sunrise.

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We thought it would take a while to get off the boat because we decided not to put our luggage out the night before, but it was actually faster to just get off the boat. We were some of the first people, and when we got to Customs, we just handed them our form and went to our car. Jordan and I couldn’t find Jen and Mike before we got off the boat and we really hoped they would leave the boat about the same time. Luckily they did and we got to our car, and left the parking lot before most of the other people had even left the boat. Then we drove home, the ride home was depressing because it was cold and there was a lot of snow. It made all of us miss the warm Mexican weather.