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Garden Peppers and Deck Makeover

Fri ,13/07/2012

Our garden produced a ton of peppers last year, here are some pictures:

Jordan prepping our deck:

I guess we never took a picture of the deck being done, right after we were done with it. Here is a picture of Natalie, you can see the deck behind her.

Emily’s Mom Visiting 8/2011

Wed ,11/07/2012

Here are some pictures of my mom visiting when Natalie was born.

This isn’t from the visit, but it is pretty funny/cute. Now all she wants to do is play with the controllers.

First time Natalie sucked just her thumb (this is very rare)

Grandma Frost after giving Natalie a bath

Natalie on the playmat grandma bought for her (she loved this forever)

Love the crossed eyes!

It was so fun to have my mom visit. One awful thing that happened while she was visiting was that our AC broke and it got to 95 in our house (which means it was even hotter outside). I had a hard time contacting Jordan because his work was bowling  and eventually talked to him, we called a repair guy, and it got fixed (-$800, ouch). Poor little Natalie had a heat rash all over her little body. I was so glad my mom came out, we played lots of Lego Pirates and it was so much easier to travel to Utah (next post) with Natalie with her help.

Grapes from the Garden 2011

Tue ,10/07/2012

Last year we got a ton of grapes from our garden. This year small birds live in the grape vine and I have yet to see a single grape (even a green one). The support for the grape vine also broke, so the poor vine needs some help.

We also got a lot of peppers and tomatoes. We still have peppers in our freezer from last year!

Backyard Retaining Wall

Thu ,01/12/2011

Yay, caught up through June!

The first fall we lived in our house we planted tulips in one of our garden boxes then the following spring we tore them out so we could plant vegetables. Last fall we didn’t plant any bulbs because we were too lazy and we didn’t want to take up space in our garden where we had other plants planned. So last year we started digging against the back of our house to make a planter box for tulips, other bulbs, and perennials. We didn’t get very far besides clearing the grass away (which quickly grew back in the spring). We both got tired of looking at the start of a project, that Jordan decided to do something about it. We even bought an entire pallet of retaining wall stones and half a pallet of toppers. Did you know the Home Depot will deliver pallets of things like that to your house for a small fee? We decided that option was easier than loading a rental truck or our little Corollas up with stones and having Jordan stack them somewhere in the backyard.

Starting in Fall 2010

Preview image of file

Working in July 2011

Jordan worked on it and Ryan came over to help him finish. It was a super hot day and they got it mostly done, we just needed dirt in it. I’ll take some pictures of the finished product when the flowers have bloomed in the spring. The wall itself looks great, but it will look even better when the box is serving it’s purpose. Jordan liked it so much that he made another one on the side of our house around the AC unit so that we could plant some bushes and not have to weed wack around it.

Lawn Mower + Frogs = x(

Tue ,12/07/2011

With all the rain we had in April, there were a ton of frogs. I think frogs are much cuter in cartoons or on baby clothes than they are in real life. I think they are fun to take pictures of and usually when I mow I try and pick them up or “help” them get out of the way of the lawn mower.

On May 13 (I only remember the day because it was Friday the 13th). I was mowing the lawn and ran over a big frog :(. I about threw up when I figured out what I had done. I called Jordan at work and told him what I had done. He said he would clean it up when he got home and so I just mowed around where it was. It wasn’t until I was done that I figured out that it wasn’t done totally dead, because it had hopped over to some close by grass :(.

Jordan tried to feed the frog to the chickens, but they wouldn’t eat it. I also wouldn’t take care of them as long as it was there. We haven’t killed any frogs since then.

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Baby Room Updated

Wed ,08/06/2011

We’re still working on our baby’s room, but we’re getting close to being done.

We experimented on different places to put the crib:

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Made a bunch of crafts:

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Added a Tree and some Owls:

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We added some magenta curtains yesterday and once we have a name for her (probably after she is born) add her name some where in her room. I bought some vinyl to put butterflies and flowers in her room too.

Room Makeover in Progress

Thu ,17/03/2011

We’re so excited for our baby, so we bought furniture in early January. I said that before we set up the furniture we had to paint the room. Here’s how we paint things in our house. I pick out paint chips and then I put them on the wall and Jordan pick one of the colors (or narrows it down to two). Then we buy sample paint and paint a square on the wall and leave it for a couple of days. I really like blue and brown together and figured that both colors were appropriate for a boy or girl.

I got my favorite paint Behr Premium Plus Ultra in the shade Jordan decided on and painted it. Don’t worry it’s not done yet. We’re still deciding on other decorations for the rest of the room. Now the furniture is in the room and once everything is done we’ll post some pictures. Until then, here are some pictures of the room in progress:


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Work in the Backyard

Tue ,04/01/2011

Jordan and I want to build a garden box against the house, so in mid-October we started to dig up the grass to make room for it. We thought it would be easy, how hard can digging up grass be? Wrong, we kept hitting these big rocks, and then we had to dig them out, and fill in the holes. We cleared it out, but we haven’t built the wall or planted anything. When we went to Lowes they didn’t have a very big selection of retaining wall stones, and the employee said they get many more during the spring. So hopefully in the spring we’ll plant lots of pretty flowers and it will be beautiful.

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Garden and Pesto Recipe

Thu ,05/08/2010


Our garden is doing awesome. It is growing so well we get something out of our garden pretty much every day. I pick basil about twice a week and make lots and lots of pesto. Which we put on sandwiches, eggs, pasta, pretty much anything. Here are some pictures of our garden and some chickens are thrown in there too.

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Here’s the pesto recipe we used:

I double the recipe and use only 2 cups of olive oil instead of 3. We like it more of a spread instead of a sauce.

It is amazing how fast things grown in gardens. Just looking at those pictures then looking outside, I realized that the tomatoes are at least double the height they were in that picture. Plants are amazing!

Kitchen Makeover

Thu ,22/07/2010

Painting the kitchen has been on our to do list since we moved in the house. I was gone most of June and when things settled down the house was a mess (specifically the kitchen). There is nothing more motivating to have your house clean than something new and exciting. So we decided to paint. Way back when we were under contract with our house I picked out colors for most of the rooms, but once we looked back at the color we didn’t really like it anymore. So we pulled out all the paint chips and the pamphlets filled with paint chips and looked at more colors. I narrowed it down to two colors: Behr Eastern Amber and Behr Apple Crisp.

Conveniently, you can buy small cans of paint to try out before you buy an entire gallon of paint. I bought those two colors and promptly when home and painted two big blocks on the wall next to the sliding glass door. We left them there about a week so we could see the colors in all lighting and eventually we (meaning Jordan because I’m really indecisive) picked Apple Crisp.

Here are the before pictures:

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and here are the after pictures:

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I bought some picture frames for the big wall behind the dining table. I’m working on picking out pictures to print off, we have so many pictures to choose from but I have some good ideas.

UPDATE: I also put some curtains on the Sliding Glass door because so much heat comes from that window in the afternoon. I’ll take a picture of the pictures I printed off and the curtains.