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July: Ordinances and Covenants Come Follow Me Handout

Fri ,10/07/2015

Free Come Follow Me Handout, right click to download.

Here is a PDF for printing many:

Sharing Time December Week 2

Sat ,07/12/2013

 Print 4 question mark pages for backs and two of each picture page for matching game.

Sharing Time 12.8 (pdf)

August 2013 Visiting Teaching Message Handout

Tue ,06/08/2013

If you want to use it, right click on the image and click “save image as…” Yay for Visiting Teaching!

Young Women Lesson 5.5.13

Sun ,05/05/2013

Here’s a handout from my lesson today. It was on Why is it important to listen to and follow the living prophets?

First Shots and YW Bowling

Mon ,16/07/2012

Natalie got her first shots at her two month appointment. She took super well, she just cried a little when they gave her the shots and then was fine after. She’s a champ when it comes to shots.

2 Month Stats

Height: 21.5 inches (between percentile 5 and 10 )
Weight: 10 lbs 8.75 oz (between percentile 25 and 50)
Head: 15.5 inches (between percentile 25 and 50)

We had an YW activity that night and Natalie was great.

Lake Springfield Float Trip

Wed ,13/07/2011

In April, we went on Lake Springfield with the Armstrongs. The James River and other rivers around here were so  swollen from the rainfall, that small streams leading to them were as wide as the river was.

The Armstrongs had floated on this particular section of Lake Springfield before, so they knew good spots to start and stop. As we were driving to the start point, we kept noticing that parts of the road had been washed out by all the rain, but that didn’t deter us. So Jordan and Mike stopped and dropped Jen, their kids, and me at the start point. It seemed to take a really long time for them to get back with the car (longer than it should have if they were just dropping it off and coming back). They got back and told us that they couldn’t get to the part that the wanted to float to because the lake had flooded and they couldn’t get to it. So they parked maybe a half a mile away and that’s how far we were going.

Needless to say, 1/2 of mile doesn’t take that long to float down. So we made it more interesting by rowing upstream, floating down, and repeating until the Armstrongs had to leave for a birthday party. One really funny thing that happened was that the place where Jordan and Mike parked the cars was pretty steep and super muddy, so pretty much everyone got out of boats, slipped down slope, and got really muddy.

Later that day there was a ward activity for our new ward (our ward was split to make two wards). Jordan rode his bike to the park, rode it around during the activity and played soccer and other sports with the people (mostly youth) from the ward.

Youth New Years Party

Thu ,10/03/2011

The Church had a New Years Party for the youth. Our ward was in charge of decorating, it was a lot of fun, except a lot of the youth left before midnight. They had a lot of stuff for the youth to do. They had a wii, an xbox with a kinect, old arcade games, and an all you can eat breakfast food menu (Brother Cane from the 5th ward was the short order cook).

We started to get tired near the end of the night, we played one game of the bean game, and started taking down the decorations right as midnight hit.

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Jordan’s Injury

Tue ,30/11/2010

Why do the worst injuries seem to happen at Church activities? On the morning of our Halloween Party (October 30), Jordan had an Elder’s Quorum Softball Game ,(the second one). Jordan was going to play racquetball after the game, so I was expecting him to come home in the afternoon anyway. I was at home working on getting stuff ready for our party, and Jordan came home early with a swollen face full of stitches. He took a fly ball to the face, which cut his top and bottom lip and left his front teeth loose. He even finished the game. Luckily there were several doctors and dentists there. A dentist in our ward took Jordan home and gave him some stitches. It took a couple of days, but his teeth stopped hurting and the stitches fell out. Sadly, Jordan still has a scar, but luckily it is inside his mouth.

This picture was from a couple of days after it happened, so the swelling was down.

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Youth Service Project

Thu ,18/11/2010

On September 16, there was a Youth yardwork Service Project. We mowed her lawn and trimmed her hedges. She was so nice and made us cookies. It was a really good activity for everyone. The only negative was that it got dark pretty quick, so we were doing a lot of work in the dark. There were a ton of mosquitoes but it was okay after we used some insect repellent.

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YW Volleyball Tournament

Thu ,28/10/2010

It was pretty obvious in February that the Young Women from our ward are not the best at basketball. They really wanted to practice for the Volleyball Tournament in August, so we started practicing at the beginning of July. They got pretty good, but I didn’t think they were going to win. So the day came when I wasn’t really expecting much. But to my surprise they won the first game, then the second, and the third and they kept winning!

To our surprise they ended up winning the entire tournament! They did awesome. We even rewarded them with great treats :). Good job girls!