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Art Project

Mon ,20/08/2012

I found some fabric with jungle animals (this fabric) when I was pregnant with Natalie and I (still) love it! I wanted to do something that would match it and have elephants on it (I love elephants)! I found a canvas at Goodwill at the end of July and was excited that I could make some artwork for Natalie’s room.

Here are the before and after pictures:



Here’s a link to the gallery to see the in between pictures. If you need the password, message me.

Boppy Pillow Cover

Thu ,01/12/2011

I bought a boppy pillow but it only had one cover, so I decided to make another because they are ridiculously expensive for something that is easy to do on your own.

I used this pattern.  I made some minor modifications. Ignore the weird zipper thing the pattern has, just cut out two of the basic shape and sew a basting stitch about 1 inch in from where the zipper should go. Make sure to clip the fabric around where the curved parts are, it will help the fabric lay flat against the pillow.

Also, if you want to make it, just print everything out and tape the pieces together, it works, I promise.

The zipper:

Baby Room Updated

Wed ,08/06/2011

We’re still working on our baby’s room, but we’re getting close to being done.

We experimented on different places to put the crib:

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Made a bunch of crafts:

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Added a Tree and some Owls:

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We added some magenta curtains yesterday and once we have a name for her (probably after she is born) add her name some where in her room. I bought some vinyl to put butterflies and flowers in her room too.

Christmas Cards

Sat ,05/03/2011

I did a lot better making Christmas Cards for family members last year, but I did make some for Jordan’s Grandma, my Grandma and my Great-Grandma. My favorite one is the melted snowman. Here are some pictures:

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Clock Craft

Wed ,29/12/2010

I just wanted to post about this cute craft idea I had. I bought a brand new clock at Goodwill for really cheap. We needed a clock, but this one was really ugly.

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So I decided to spice it up a bit. I took apart the clock, measured the circle in the back. Then, I found some Halloween scrapbook paper, and used my cricut to cut out a circle. I used some sticker paper to cut out the numbers, put everything back together and voila:

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Instant (well almost) festive clock. I’ve made backs for Thanksgiving/Fall, and Christmas. I’m planning on making them for each holiday/season in the year. It is super easy, and I got rid of the icky looking clock.