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Emily’s Mom Visiting 8/2011

Wed ,11/07/2012

Here are some pictures of my mom visiting when Natalie was born.

This isn’t from the visit, but it is pretty funny/cute. Now all she wants to do is play with the controllers.

First time Natalie sucked just her thumb (this is very rare)

Grandma Frost after giving Natalie a bath

Natalie on the playmat grandma bought for her (she loved this forever)

Love the crossed eyes!

It was so fun to have my mom visit. One awful thing that happened while she was visiting was that our AC broke and it got to 95 in our house (which means it was even hotter outside). I had a hard time contacting Jordan because his work was bowling  and eventually talked to him, we called a repair guy, and it got fixed (-$800, ouch). Poor little Natalie had a heat rash all over her little body. I was so glad my mom came out, we played lots of Lego Pirates and it was so much easier to travel to Utah (next post) with Natalie with her help.

Natalie Weeks 4-5 (8.4-14.11)

Tue ,10/07/2012

Wow, this post is almost a year late, good thing we take lots of pictures. It’s hard to believe she used to be so small.

Week 4

I still get this look from her

She still plays on the floor with daddy

Week 5

She used to be so little in her car seat!

So tiny in the crib (also, yeah right that I would take a picture of her sleeping  so bundled now)

Ryan calls this “Baby Power” (she still sleeps with her hand over her head sometimes)

Natalie’s First Bath

Fri ,02/03/2012

Well, We are so behind, but I’m going to try and and catch up. Here are pictures from Natalie’s first bath. Her umbilical cord stump fell off when she was about a week old, so we gave her a bath. I can’t believe how big she has gotten.

She liked to copy my face.

I love this picture of Jordan and Natalie.

Haircuts and the Flowbee

Mon ,28/03/2011

I got a haircut last week when Jordan was out of town. It wasn’t really what I was expecting or what I had asked for, but I’m getting used to it (it helps that Jordan likes it).

Haircuts always remind of me my Dad and:

Now, if you haven’t heard of a Flowbee before, it is basically clippers that you connect to a vacuum so there is no clean up when you’re done cutting hair.  There are a series of plastic spaces you add to cut it longer or to cut at an angle. Sounds simple enough, right?

Yes, my dad bought one of these at the As Seen on TV Store somewhere between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg on our way to DollyWood when we lived inTennessee. We stopped at a huge As Seen on TV store that had things like The Perfect Pancake and Epil Stop n Spray. I can’t find the video, but you might remember it. It was this spray stuff that you spray on hair and it “magically” wipes off and doesn’t grow for a long time. There is one scene in the infomerical where there is a guy with a really, really hairy back (we’re talking like man/bear combo), and they spray this stuff on his back and there’s a bald spot.

I can remember him convincing my mom that it would work and that it would save so much money on haircuts for my dad and brothers. Keep in mind this is not the first time he tried to buy it, but this time his convincing worked and we bought it. So we went to Dollywood, then we went home and Dad was so excited to used the new Flowbee.

Our house in Tennessee had a central vacuum (the kind that has ductwork built into the house with the canister located in a central location, in our case the garage). So my dad cut my brothers’ hair first ( I can’t remember which one was first), and both my brothers hated it, but the Flowbee lived up to it’s name.My brothers would go quite a long time in between haircuts because of how much they said they didn’t like it. I think at one point he tried to convince Ashley that she could cut her hair and bangs with it. I’m pretty sure that didn’t work. I’m positive that emptying the canister on the vacuum wasn’t that much fun either. My dad continued cut his hair and their hair with it until they moved to Utah. Even now, when you ask my brother Jared about the Flowbee he’ll make this shuddering noise and say he’s glad he doesn’t have to have his hair cut like that anymore.

I bet that if my dad had a flowbee still he’d be cutting his hair, and maybe the dog’s because they have a dog attachment now. :)