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Barbeque, Bratwurst, Friends, and Family

Fri ,18/07/2008

We had a bbq with Amy, Raymond, Malanie, and Kris. They are moving soon so we wanted to spend time with them before they were gone. Jordan made delicious marinaded bratwurst and homemade buns. They were wonderful. He grilled them and we ate them. We also had a yummy pineapple and vegetables. After we ate, we played the Wii, which was tons of fun. We played tennis and boxing. Thanks so much guys!

All of us eating

All of us eating

Backpacking with Chase

Sat ,05/07/2008

Chase and I went backpacking up Rock Canyon. We reached Lightning ridge (we think). We were at an elevation of something like 10000 feet. The trail was only about 6 miles but we gained about a mile in elevation change. That means on average it’s about a 15% grade. It was pretty intense at the end. Near the end, we started having snakes lying across the trail. Chase was a good buddy and got a stick and threw them off the trail for me. Everything was so pretty, I want to go again next year.

Backpacking with Chase from Jordan Chapman on Vimeo.

July 4th Camping trip with Raymond and Amy

Fri ,04/07/2008

We went camping up behind Squaw Peak for July 4th. However, it turned out not to be really a camping trip. Raymond and Amy got so burned that we ended up going back the same day. But we had fun while it lasted. We played some games in a little grove of trees that was in the little valley we were in. We did so to escape from the sun; however, all the mosquitos had the same idea. The firework pictures are the firework show; we watched them from campus.