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Sun ,31/08/2008

We babysat Aspen and Ronan while Justin and Julie took the two older kids to go rock climbing by REI. It was pretty unadventurous.


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Last visit with Raymond and Amy

Sun ,03/08/2008

Below are some pictures that we took of our last visit with Raymond and Amy. They were really good friends.

Family Reunion

Fri ,01/08/2008

I’m the worst person ever at updating blogs. This is from the end of July and I’m just now posting about it. Well, after Pioneer day (a holiday in Utah) Jordan and I drove up to Orofino (that’s in the Idaho panhandle) to have a family reunion with Jordan’s family. We actually went to visit Jordan’s sister in Coeur d’Alene (even further north). We drove through Utah, then Idaho, and even went through Montana. That was Thursday, and Friday we went to Silverwood with Robin, Taylor, Benson, and Ashton. Too bad most of the time we spend in the park was in the water park, so we didn’t take very many pictures. Anyway Jordan and I went on some roller coasters, and I got scared because my seatbelt came undone on the first one. It was called Timber Terror. So, after that I didn’t want to go on another roller coaster. Jordan went on on called Aftershock, and it looks really scary. The towers go up to 177ft. He was really brave to do it. After we went on the roller coasters, we went to the water park.We had a ton of fun with everyone on the lazy river, and the wave pools. The supposedly kiddy sprinkler part was the most fun of all. Jordan and even went on some water slides. All in all it was a fun day.
The next day, we went to Jordan’s parents’ hotel. We drove down there with Benson and Taylor and when we got there, Jordan’s extended family was already planning a rafting trip down the river, so we went too. It was a lot of fun.
The next day was Sunday, and we went to church with Jordan’s parents. The funniest thing happened. We finished sacrament meeting 15 minutes early. The bishop even cut the last speaker out of the program and we sang only one verse of the hymn. Everyone was confused, so after the meeting, Jordan’s dad went to talk to the bishop to see why he ended the meeting early. Apparently the clock in the back was about 15 minutes fast. And, he was looking at that clock, oops.

Monday, we floated down the river again because it was SO much fun. My favorite thing we did was go to the dam. We actually have pictures of it too :). Here they are. We went kayaking too.

The rest of the time we played lots of games, and took it easy, it was so nice! We stopped at an Arctic Circle because they had $0.49 ice cream cones and $0.85 hamburgers; the ice cream was heavenly in the hot weather. Here’s some pictures from our drive home.