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Lost my phone

Sun ,22/02/2009

This is Jordan.  I lost my phone forever while on my trip to Mexico (which I’ll write about later).  Since I wanted to cancel my service anyway which ends in early April, I won’t be getting a new phone.  We’ll just be using Emily’s.  If you don’t have her number, send me an email and I’ll let you know what it is.  We might get a skype phone number to use while we are at home; I’ll post about that if we do.

UPDATE: Jordan found his phone. He’ll write the story later.

Shade Sale 2-16-2009

Tue ,17/02/2009

I wanted to go to the Shade Sale on President’s Day, so we went. I asked Jordan to come with me for moral support, and so even though he was sick all weekend. So we went to the sale, which was suppose to start at 9, but when we got there at 9 it was so crowded. I got some good things, but according to Jordan I can’t wear them until my birthday, so I guess those pictures will have to wait. Anyway, it was crazy busy there and there were so many women trying to get stuff. I waited in line to check out for at least half an hour because people were cutting. I guess that’s what happens when you tell women there’s a huge sale. Here are some pictures of the crowd. Keep in mind that these pictures were take at 10:30, so an hour and a half after it started.

Valentine’s Day 2009

Mon ,16/02/2009

Jordan and I had a good Valentine’s Day despite Jordan being sick most of the weekend. Jordan bought me flowers Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and had them delivered to work. I wasn’t expecting flowers three days in a row, I was really surprised. We spent the day together and had a lot of fun. I canned Jordan a valentine in a No. 10 can. I put laffy taffy, peanut butter cups, peachees, sweettarts, and a note in it. I also made Jordan a cookie cake in the shape of a heart and decorated it with frosting. We ate it before we took any pictures…oops.

Here are pictures of the flowers:




Random pics by Emily

Mon ,09/02/2009

Emily took these pictures on the 28th of January.  They are pretty so I thought I would post them here.



Ilana’s 9th birthday party

Sun ,08/02/2009

Sorry it took us so long to post about this.  It was a fun afternoon.  It was the same night as Emily’s sister’s birthday party so we couldn’t stay too long.  Julie cooked some “Asian food” per Ilana’s request.  Then we had a citrus cake that was really good despite Julie thinking it was ruined.  :)  The candles on the cake were thin little things and the melted so much wax onto the cake.  That and all the spit from Ronan trying to blow out the candles made a wonderful, “Chapman Family” cake.  We babysat the three little ones the day before on Saturday while Justin and Julie took her out for her birthday.  They actually got back on time unlike last year when they were like 2 hours late…  :) Below is a slideshow up the pictures we took as well as some short movies of them blowing out the candles.

Babysitting Ronan and Aspen

Mon ,02/02/2009

We babysat Ronan and Aspen while Justin and Julie took the two older kids to a Juvenile Diabetes thing at Soldier’s Hollow for some tubing.  The kids were really good, although Aspen did some of her hissing again that she does when she gets mad.  We rented the movie Igor from Redbox for free and watched it with them.  Aspen of course didn’t really pay attention but Ronan liked the movie.  It was fun.  Julie had made lasagna and buttered sourdough bread.  We went to Smith’s on the way there and got a brownie mix that we made with them.  (At the store, we also bought some Hormel’s chili that was on sale for 50 cents a can as well as some cream cheese that was on sale for $1).  Anyway, another night spent babysitting which we don’t mind doing.