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Pioneer day with Emily’s family

Mon ,24/08/2009

We were babysitting Justin and Julie’s kids for them so we took them with us to her family’s house for a pioneer day activity. We basically just had fun hanging around their house all day. Emily’s parents bought a bunch of stuff for the kids like a swimming pool and a cool sprinkler thingy. That was really awesome of them. We had a barbeque as well. At the end of the day we had some fireworks which the kids loved because they didn’t get any on July 4th. It was a fun day and a good break from work.

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Fun with Crafts

Sun ,23/08/2009

On July 23rd, we hung out with Craft’s at their house. We made them dinner to use our food storage which was spaghetti and breaded chicken breasts. Elliott stopped by as well. We had fun. We already are missing them… :(

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Resturant Trip

Mon ,10/08/2009

As I said yesterday, Jordan and I wanted to visit our favorite places in Provo before we left. We really don’t eat out very much, but there was a restaurant on Center Street called Ottavio’s that we had been to before that we really liked. It was the first restaurant that we went to eat at together (the PenCourt in the Eyring Science Center doesn’t count) and it is the same restaurant that we ate at right before we got married. So we decided to go there. Well, much to our dismay, we got there and it had been closed. So we decided to go to Gloria’s Little Italy (it was right down the street). We also tried out our new camera.

Jordan got gnocchi and a house sauce and I got Tort elloni alla boscaiola which is basically tortellini in a mushroom sauce. Overall, it was pretty good, we had a good time and it gave us a break from packing.

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Be Prepared for Lots of Updates

Sun ,09/08/2009

Well, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted, but I’m going to try and recap on all the things that have been going on in our lives since the middle of July. We wanted to try and to all of our favorite things and visit our favorite people before we left Utah. So, the next couple of posts will be about that.

Camping Up American Fork Canyon

Sun ,09/08/2009

On July 18 we drove up American Fork Canyon with Justin and Julie to go camping. We took a 4-wheel drive rode and drove up to the top of the road to a really great camping spot. We checked the weather forecastbefore we left and it was suppose to be clear skies all weekend (there was a 20% chance of rain). This was very important because the place we went camping was pretty near the top of a mountain and when we got there there were several trees that were obviously struck by lightning in the past.

So, we got there and walked around with Julie and the kids and took some pictures.  We got back to the camp and decided to make dinner, we had hot dogs. Ronan wasn’t really interested in eating, he just wanted to pretend his hiking stick was a gun and shoot things.

We made some awesome smores with nutella instead of chocolate bars (it is totally better and doesn’t melt like chocolate). The best thing that happened was that our camera broke after we tried to take some pictures. At the time it didn’t seem like such a good thing, because we love to take pictures and anyone that knows Jordan knows that he loves to look at them so he can remember things (I like to look at them too).  So the pictures kind of stopped there.

This camping trip was really eventful because we woke up in the middle of the night because we heard thunder. We looked outside our tent and then we saw some lightning, then heard thunder pretty soon after. So in the middle of the night we had to pack everything up in the car, and go back down the mountain to go home. Justin did a great job of driving down the mountain and not having us fall off the side.

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Officially moved to Springfield

Sat ,08/08/2009

Well, we have officially moved into our new apartment in Springfield Missouri. We’ve (mostly Emily) have been unpacking since Thursday. We really like our new apartment but are still excited to buy a house. I start my new job on Monday which I’m really excited about that. We’ll have some pictures up later; we have lots!