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Homemade Wheat Thins: Revised

Wed ,30/12/2009

So a while back I made this post about homemade wheat thins. I’ve made them a lot since then and discovered a much easier and less time consuming.

First, use lots of flour.Cut the dough in half (or thirds) and roll it out as thin as possible, making sure you use lots of flour so it doesn’t stick to the counter.

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Second,spray the cookie sheet and transfer the entire sheet of dough to the pan (DO NOT cut and pick up every cracker, this will make you not ever want to cook them again).

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Third, poke with a fork, then cut with a pizza cutter on the cookie sheet.

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Fourth, spray the cut crackers with cooking spray and put salt on top.

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Cook like normal.

The pictures are below. Seriously these crackers are so easy to make ( I probably made them 4 times when Jordan’s Parents were here), and they are so good. You’ll never want to buy crackers again. The only problem with them is that everyone likes them, so they never stick around. :)

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Another Visit!

Tue ,29/12/2009

Jordan’s Parents came to visit us at the beginning of December. We had so much fun with them. Jordan is going to geotag the pictures, but they probably aren’t right now. They came in late Friday night and we had a lot of fun with them. We ate lots of crackers and cheeseballs (lots of Cuties (clementines) too).

We took them to Swan Creek but it was sprinkling so we went back to the car. When we got back in the car it started to rain, so we drove to the Bar-K Wrangler camp and Jordan and his dad skipped rocks. It was pretty fun to watch, but I didn’t get very good pictures.

We got to play lots of cards with them, it was so much fun because games with 4 people are a lot more fun than games with just two (and my team won, so that made it more fun too :D).

We went to Culver’s, ate dinner, and had awesome milkshakes. The shakes were so good, in fact, that we went back as Jordan’s parents left for the airport. Thanks for coming to visit, we had a great time with you. We can’t wait to see you again!

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Random December Pictures

Sat ,26/12/2009

Just a side note, I get to see cows every day on my way to work, and I love it. Also, I love cows. You might wonder why. Well, cows pretty much have the best life, they get to eat all day and pretty much don’t do anything else. I also like that they make cheese and milk. I love cheese too. Anyway, you might wonder what this has to do with the pictures. Our stake puts on a big nativity every year, and they also have a live nativity. Guess what they have at the live nativity, a CALF!!! I saw the calf when we were going into the church building, and I had to get a picture with it before we left. I was so happy, it let me pet it and it was so cute.

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The other pictures were of me experimenting taking a picture in an ornament. I thought they were pretty funny.

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House Pictures

Fri ,25/12/2009

Well, I’m not sure how many of you all have been waiting for these pictures, but here they are. We’ve changed some stuff since we’ve taken these pictures. We moved the computer down to the same room as the couches (where the table used to be). The nook at the top of the stairs has all my craft stuff there now. I also put up a lot more pictures, since the walls were looking pretty bare.

This is the front of our house:

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Our bedroom:

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I took two movies which are both here:

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You have to click on the picture and then press play to watch the movie. Also, you’ll have to watch one, then the other, but that’s probably the best way to see our house.

Hiking in Swan Creek

Thu ,24/12/2009

It’s been a while, I’ve been really busy with work and Jordan has too.

We went hiking in the Swan Creek Area on the other end of the trail. Jordan was eager to try out his new GPS and to map some data. He is so excited about how it turned out that he is even making his own website about trails in Missouri.

So, after Raymond and Amy left on Saturday, Jordan and I drove to the trailhead. It was such a nice day outside in the high 70’s. We walked around the Swan Creek area on some trails to try out the new GPS. The area had just been part of a controlled burn, so on one side of the trail the forest was burned, and on the other side it wasn’t. It was pretty cool to see. We had a hard time finding the trail, so we followed pink plastic ties on the burned trees. The sky was so blue and the contrast to the burned trees was really pretty.

We found out some pretty cool stuff about the GPS and camera. Did you know that pictures can be geotaged, meaning the exact coordinates-latitude and longitude can be recorded with the picture? So, if you actually go to the gallery at the end and click the “map this” button- top right, second button, then it will show you a map of where we went (or click here).  And if you click on the happy face, then it can show you the actual picture we took at that place. How cool is that?

We saw some pretty funny things we when got back too, you know you’re around hill people when you see signs that say “Hillbilly Discount Garage”. Also, we’re trying to figure out why the police SUV in Ozark said, “purchased by a drug dealer.” Anyway, look at the pictures and how they are mapped. We’ll write more on Jordan’s new website when he gets it up and running.

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Thanksgiving with the Lamberts

Sat ,05/12/2009

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with our friends Raymond and Amy and their sweet baby Caleb. They came on Wednesday when I was at a job interview and Jordan was at work, so we’re bad hosts. Well, we had a great time with them. On Wednesday we made a delicious pizza that we didn’t take a picture of. But seriously, it was an amazing pizza. We got to play a ton of Scattagories, which might be one of my top 5 favorite games to play now. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Thursday and the cooking commenced right after. We had a great dinner and it was so much fun to have people with us (I bet we’d still have leftovers if we cooked all of it for just us).

Friday was an interesting day… This was the first year that we (me and Jordan) have gone Black Friday shopping. Do you know where we went? You guessed it, Walmart! Now, I know what you’re thinking, what possessed you to go shopping at Walmart on Black Friday, and at 4 in the morning? Well, I’ve wanted to buy a Cricut for a while now, and guess what I got. That’s right (but mine is black):

Walmart was crazy, there weren’t any carts when we got there. We did get some great deals, I got some awesome stuff for Jordan for Christmas. I liked it so much, I might do it again. Later that day, Amy was kind enough to go with me to go to Joanns to get some fabric because it was an awesome price. Just to put some perspective on how long the wait at Joann’s was, we got there, and I went back to the cutting counter immediately. My number was 90 and they were on 24, so we had to wait a really long time. Jordan even went with me the next day to get some deals on cricut cartridges (28.88 each, how awesome is that!).

Amy and I came home and made a craft, I forgot to take a picture of hers, but here’s mine.

Jordan and Raymond went and played Disk Golf at a course nearby our house. We played Cranium WOW and it was fun too (Pretty much the same as regular Cranium, but with characters you can put hair on).

Thanks for coming to visit us, we really liked it. I’m sure you know by now that we want you to move here when Raymond is done with school (wink, wink). Next time we’ll take more pictures.

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Weaver Creek Apartment

Fri ,04/12/2009

We never took pictures of our apartment when we lived there, but I thought that we should take a video and pictures of it. So, if you want to watch the movie, click on the picture and it should be the first image in the gallery.

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Branson Shopping

Thu ,03/12/2009

Jordan and I finally went to Branson. We went shopping at the Tanger Outlets and the Landing. We went to a Colemant Store and bought some matches and we went to the Gap and I bought a shirt. We walked around and I got some stuff for Harry and David for Jordan for Christmas. Then we went to the Landing and walked around. Jordan even let me go into the As Seen On TV Store, but we didn’t buy anything. Although, I was tempted to buy a Snuggie because our house is cold. The traffic there was terrible, but was okay on the way back. We had fun, but we’ll probably wait until people come to visit to go again.

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Hercules Glade Wilderness Night Hike

Wed ,02/12/2009

If Jordan had his way, we’d be hiking and camping every night, but that’s not really very reasonable, so we don’t. One Friday, I packed everything up during the day and we left when he got home that night. The sad thing is that after the time change, it’s been getting dark by 5:30, ugh. We drove to the Hercules Glade Wilderness area and started hiking.

The other thing that we didn’t know about was that it was hunting season, so we heard lots of gunshots. I thought I heard an animal off the trail, and got scared. We took some awesome pictures and we remembered to bring our tripod and take pictures with it.

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