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Glade Top Trail

Fri ,29/01/2010

Emily and I on the 16th of January, after camping, went driving on the Glade Top Trail. It was a surprise to me. I hadn’t heard of it before but Emily found it. We only went on part of it and it was so incredibly foggy the whole time, we couldn’t see much but the fog itself made for some really pretty sights and pictures. We’ll have to go back soon and take more pictures when the fog isn’t bad. Emily really wanted to find the watershed divide but because of the fog we couldn’t find it.  It didn’t take us very long.  We’d recommend it to anyone.  The whole road was a dirt road but our ’97 Mercury Mystique handled it just fine. The map below shows the loop we did; the actual “trail” starts on the east side a bit higher than where we actually started and ends on the south side of the loop on highway 125.

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Elevation Profile

# Distance Time Movingtime Speed Max Speed Climb Up Climb Down
1 0.000 mi 0s 0s
2 1.027 mi 1m 15s 1m 15s 49.31 mph 56.00 mph 154 ft 56 ft
3 2.088 mi 2m 31s 2m 31s 49.78 mph 56.00 mph 210 ft 151 ft
4 3.002 mi 3m 37s 3m 37s 49.81 mph 56.00 mph 413 ft 151 ft
5 4.005 mi 4m 45s 4m 45s 50.59 mph 67.96 mph 505 ft 207 ft
6 5.011 mi 5m 47s 5m 47s 51.98 mph 67.96 mph 551 ft 443 ft
7 6.026 mi 7m 21s 7m 21s 49.20 mph 67.96 mph 623 ft 541 ft
8 7.022 mi 8m 50s 8m 50s 47.69 mph 67.96 mph 876 ft 541 ft
9 8.039 mi 10m 11s 10m 11s 47.36 mph 67.96 mph 965 ft 610 ft
10 9.033 mi 11m 35s 11m 35s 46.79 mph 67.96 mph 1060 ft 722 ft
11 10.002 mi 13m 44s 13m 44s 43.70 mph 67.96 mph 1257 ft 866 ft
12 11.002 mi 17m 06s 17m 06s 38.60 mph 67.96 mph 1565 ft 896 ft
13 12.003 mi 20m 32s 20m 09s 35.07 mph 67.96 mph 1683 ft 1043 ft
14 13.006 mi 34m 01s 32m 57s 22.94 mph 67.96 mph 1955 ft 1371 ft
15 14.007 mi 37m 53s 36m 48s 22.18 mph 67.96 mph 2103 ft 1470 ft
16 15.007 mi 41m 40s 40m 31s 21.61 mph 67.96 mph 2228 ft 1565 ft
17 16.015 mi 49m 28s 47m 16s 19.42 mph 67.96 mph 2474 ft 1919 ft
18 17.029 mi 1h 02m 10s 57m 49s 16.44 mph 67.96 mph 3022 ft 2474 ft
19 18.003 mi 1h 06m 28s 1h 01m 40s 16.25 mph 67.96 mph 3212 ft 2733 ft
20 19.006 mi 1h 10m 01s 1h 05m 13s 16.29 mph 67.96 mph 3343 ft 2835 ft
21 20.034 mi 1h 12m 45s 1h 07m 57s 16.52 mph 67.96 mph 3465 ft 2917 ft
22 21.045 mi 1h 16m 06s 1h 11m 18s 16.59 mph 67.96 mph 3593 ft 3028 ft
23 22.000 mi 1h 23m 38s 1h 17m 56s 15.78 mph 67.96 mph 3766 ft 3212 ft
24 23.001 mi 1h 27m 23s 1h 21m 41s 15.79 mph 67.96 mph 3914 ft 3346 ft
25 24.060 mi 1h 30m 21s 1h 24m 39s 15.98 mph 67.96 mph 3990 ft 3504 ft
26 25.021 mi 1h 35m 24s 1h 28m 53s 15.74 mph 67.96 mph 4154 ft 3632 ft
27 26.012 mi 1h 39m 16s 1h 32m 45s 15.72 mph 67.96 mph 4239 ft 3766 ft
28 27.009 mi 1h 43m 00s 1h 36m 22s 15.73 mph 67.96 mph 4423 ft 3891 ft
29 28.003 mi 1h 49m 12s 1h 42m 34s 15.39 mph 67.96 mph 4573 ft 4009 ft
30 29.020 mi 1h 50m 43s 1h 44m 05s 15.73 mph 67.96 mph 4633 ft 4081 ft
31 30.003 mi 1h 52m 12s 1h 45m 34s 16.04 mph 67.96 mph 4731 ft 4199 ft
32 31.006 mi 1h 53m 37s 1h 46m 59s 16.37 mph 67.96 mph 4747 ft 4426 ft
33 32.010 mi 1h 54m 57s 1h 48m 19s 16.71 mph 67.96 mph 4754 ft 4678 ft
34 33.004 mi 1h 56m 21s 1h 49m 43s 17.02 mph 67.96 mph 4803 ft 4734 ft
35 34.006 mi 1h 57m 43s 1h 51m 05s 17.33 mph 67.96 mph 4915 ft 4820 ft
36 35.047 mi 1h 59m 13s 1h 52m 35s 17.64 mph 67.96 mph 5118 ft 4836 ft
37 36.011 mi 2h 00m 37s 1h 53m 59s 17.91 mph 67.96 mph 5262 ft 4918 ft
38 37.096 mi 2h 01m 54s 1h 55m 16s 18.26 mph 67.96 mph 5305 ft 4990 ft
39 38.010 mi 2h 03m 05s 1h 56m 27s 18.53 mph 67.96 mph 5318 ft 5200 ft
40 38.453 mi 2h 03m 53s 1h 57m 15s 18.62 mph 67.96 mph 5325 ft 5312 ft
Summary 38.453 mi 2h 03m 53s 1h 57m 15s

Glade Top Trail

Hanging out with the Gainers

Thu ,28/01/2010

Well, we’re really bad at remembering what we do when we don’t take pictures, oops. Anyway, we’ve been hanging out a lot with some friends from our ward Casadee and John. They love playing games as much as we do, and they’re really fun to play with.  On January 2, we played the new game that my parents gave us for Christmas called Say Anything. It was a really fun game, it would be even more fun with more people.

We also played their game called Scene It: Squabble, the girls won, and so we played again, and then we won again.

We also hung out with them on Jan 16 and played a new game we bought for ourselves for Christmas called Blokus. It’s  kind of like tetris with 4 people. I really like it, but Jordan doesn’t so much. Although it did agree that playing with 4 people is a lot more fun than playing with two. After we played that we played Mexican Train with Dominoes, I’d never played it before, and it was a lot of fun, but it took a really long time.

Thanks guys for hanging out with us and playing games with us. We look forward to playing more games in the future. 😀

Sun Dried Tomato Cheeseball

Wed ,27/01/2010

Sun Dried Tomato and Basil
2 packages of cream cheese
2 c of cheddar cheese crumbles (just buy a block and pulse them in the food processor a bit)
1-1.5 c grated hard italian cheese (Parmesan, Romano, Asiago)
6-8 ounces sun dried tomatoes (I bought oil packed and drained them)
8-12 basil leaves or a 1 T of dried basil

Blend together the cream cheese, cheddar, and Parmesan. Use a food processor (we just have a little one, and it’s perfect for this) to chop the sun dried tomatoes, tear the basil leaves and drop in the food processor, pulse until desired size. (If using dried basil, add directly to cheese mixture). Add to cheese mixture, add additional Parmesan until desired consistency. Line a round bowl with plastic wrap and press mixture into the plastic wrap, this will make the ball round. Refrigerate until ready to eat.

Camping Deluxe

Tue ,26/01/2010

Emily surprised me when I came home from work on Friday January 15th.  She had everything packed to go camping and wouldn’t tell me where we were going or what we were going to eat.  Well, we ended up camping at the Swan Creek area like we’ve done before.  It was really muddy but we found a spot to put up our tent.  Then Emily set up the stove and warmed up some delicious homemade french bread with spaghetti sauce, breaded chicken and aged New Zealand cheddar cheese I got from work.  It was delicious.  Then we played some games.  Then Emily brought out some creme brulee she had made previously (post on that to come).  Then to top it all off, we had smores.  It was fun.  We slept really well and woke up to the sound of rain on our tent.  That would have been fine under ordinary circumstances; however, the dirt road we drove on to get to the site was really muddy and we actually almost got stuck the night before so we quickly packed everything up and shoved it in the car and drove away.  We then went to Glade Top Trail (which was Emily’s surprise) but I’ll write a separate post about that.

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Creme Brulee

Mon ,25/01/2010

Jordan loves creme brulee and I just like the custard part. One day when I was driving home from work I heard an advertisement for something and it said creme brulee, so I decided to go home and make some.

I cut the recipe in half because we have small ramekins, but it was still more than enough to fill them.

Here’s the recipe:

Jordan’s favorite part of making creme brulee is torching them (honestly who doesn’t like this part?). We ate them and they were pretty tasty. We even at some that weekend when we went camping. Stay tuned for more on our camping trip.

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New Years Day

Sat ,23/01/2010

So we spent New Years Eve with Ryan and Heidi and then on New Years Day we spent it with them again. Ryan’s brother was moving, so Jordan went to help. On the bright side, we got to go to Ryan’s Parents house and got to see lots of cows.

I was so excited I took lots of pictures (we probably deleted half of them). The cows were so cute, and they loved the food. There were also horses and a pony that was pretty funny looking. I told Jordan that I need a pet cow, too bad they eats lots of food and smell bad.

The other really cool thing was that we saw a eagle in a tree while we were driving there. We even turned around so we could get a picture of it.

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Pee’s Holler Again

Fri ,22/01/2010

So, in order to redeem myself for the ill fated Christmas Eve trip, Jordan and I went hiking in New Year’s Eve. We got a comment on our smugmug gallery about a specific waterfall that we had been too before. The guy wanted to know the latitude and longitude of the waterfall. We hadn’t been back to Pee’s Holler since Jordan got his new GPS, so we decided to go back so we could tell the guy about it. It is also nice because Jordan wants to put things like that on his new website.

So we drove to Hercules Glade and started hiking. You’ll notice that pretty much ever picture with Jordan has him looking at his GPS and setting a waypoint.

I really like going to places during different seasons. The last time we hiked Pee’s Holler, it was late summer and the leaves were all still on the trees. This time we went and the trees were mostly bare. It felt like a totally different place. Anyway, we had fun hiking and came back home and spent New Year’s Eve with Heidi and Ryan.

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Elevation Profile

# Distance Time Movingtime Speed Max Speed Climb Up Climb Down
1 0.000 mi 0s 0s
2 1.006 mi 35m 41s 34m 59s 1.69 mph 5.02 mph 190 ft 482 ft
3 2.001 mi 1h 11m 13s 1h 09m 30s 1.69 mph 7.16 mph 486 ft 942 ft
4 3.002 mi 1h 47m 50s 1h 45m 22s 1.67 mph 7.16 mph 787 ft 1266 ft
5 4.006 mi 2h 12m 24s 2h 09m 33s 1.82 mph 7.16 mph 1053 ft 1444 ft
6 5.007 mi 2h 37m 15s 2h 33m 44s 1.91 mph 7.16 mph 1407 ft 1634 ft
7 6.000 mi 3h 07m 35s 3h 03m 31s 1.92 mph 7.62 mph 1765 ft 1847 ft
8 6.064 mi 3h 09m 24s 3h 05m 18s 1.92 mph 7.62 mph 1808 ft 1850 ft
Summary 6.064 mi 3h 09m 24s 3h 05m 18s

Pees Holler

Christmas Day

Thu ,21/01/2010

This Christmas was our first Christmas without our families. We were kind of sad thinking about it, but we’re glad that we got to spend it together.

We woke up on Christmas morning and it had snowed! It hadn’t snowed before Christmas, so we were pretty excited about it. We were talking about how we could hardly believe Christmas was almost here because it didn’t look like winter. So we woke up and ate cinnamon rolls and then opened presents.

If you look at the pictures, ignore the crazy hair and faces, I was pretty excited about the things Jordan got me. Jordan was excited too, even though he doesn’t look that excited in the pictures. Jordan got me a bunch of stuff for my Cricut and I got Jordan some movies and a digital picture frame for his desk at work.

We spent most of the day playing with our new presents. I made a bunch of cards with my Cricut and Jordan played his game. For dinner we had a ham that my work gave to us and some other holiday foods. We ate leftovers for a lot time afterward (we still have some ham that’s frozen) because there’s just the two of us.

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Christmas Eve

Wed ,20/01/2010

So, Jordan already posted about our hiking trip on Christmas Eve. I’ll talk about when we got home. So we decided to come home because it was cold, and raining, and I really don’t like hiking in the rain.

When we got home, we got warm and decided that we wanted to open one of each of our presents (actually Jordan decided this). Jordan knew what my sister had gotten me for Christmas and he wanted to watch it, so we did. I wanted to watch it too, but I could have waited a day.

So we watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, it was our second time seeing it, and I think it’s a pretty good movie. Maybe ask me again when I’ve read the book again.

So Jordan got Assassin’s Creed II, and while he played it I took pictures of our trees. Now on to Christmas…

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Sun ,17/01/2010

Here’s a super easy fudge recipe, it’s great because, depending on how long you let it boil, you will get pourable fudge, or fudge that you can cut and eat in pieces.


Servings: 27

Category: Dessert

Rating: 5/5 stars


  • 1/3 c. butter
  • 1 c. evaporated milk
  • 1 1/2 c. sugar
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 12 oz. chocolate chips
  • 1 c. marshmallows


Combine butter, evaporated milk, sugar, and salt in a medium saucepan. Bring to a hard boil for 7-9 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Stir in the chocolate until melted and smooth. Mix in the marshmallows until fully dissolved. Pour into an 9 by 13-inch square baking pan. Chill until firm, about 2 to 4 hours. Cut into 27 1″ squares.

For hot fudge: Boil 4-5 minutes. Pour into a jar and keep in fridge. (You still add the marshmallows).