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Fri ,23/07/2010

We had a great anniversary. I can hardly believe we have been married three years. We had a really good day. We both had work but we made some ice cream and went to Branson. We wanted a couple of things for anniversary presents. We wanted a french fry slicer (sounds silly but we bake fries all the time and you can use it to cut potato dices too), a food processor (to make it a lot easier to make pesto because a blender does not work that well) and a marble rolling pin. So we went to the kitchen store in the Tanger outlets in Branson and got the french fry slicer, but they were out of the rolling pins and the food processors were too expensive. So we went to the kitchen store at the Landing and got the rolling pin. We just bought the food processor off the internet later that night.

We made some crackers with the new rolling pin and it worked great. The pesto was pretty good, but I think that I’ll double the recipe next time.

Jordan, I can’t think of another person I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. Thanks for the best (and longest*) three years of my life. I’m so happy we get to spend forever together.


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*this is an inside joke and is not negative in any way :)

Kitchen Makeover

Thu ,22/07/2010

Painting the kitchen has been on our to do list since we moved in the house. I was gone most of June and when things settled down the house was a mess (specifically the kitchen). There is nothing more motivating to have your house clean than something new and exciting. So we decided to paint. Way back when we were under contract with our house I picked out colors for most of the rooms, but once we looked back at the color we didn’t really like it anymore. So we pulled out all the paint chips and the pamphlets filled with paint chips and looked at more colors. I narrowed it down to two colors: Behr Eastern Amber and Behr Apple Crisp.

Conveniently, you can buy small cans of paint to try out before you buy an entire gallon of paint. I bought those two colors and promptly when home and painted two big blocks on the wall next to the sliding glass door. We left them there about a week so we could see the colors in all lighting and eventually we (meaning Jordan because I’m really indecisive) picked Apple Crisp.

Here are the before pictures:

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and here are the after pictures:

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I bought some picture frames for the big wall behind the dining table. I’m working on picking out pictures to print off, we have so many pictures to choose from but I have some good ideas.

UPDATE: I also put some curtains on the Sliding Glass door because so much heat comes from that window in the afternoon. I’ll take a picture of the pictures I printed off and the curtains.

Youth Conference

Wed ,21/07/2010

Here are pictures of Youth Conference this year. The youth had a great time and the life-sized game of LIFE was great, they learned so much.

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Cricket Creek

Tue ,20/07/2010

We only had one car we I was at Girl’s Camp which was great, but Jordan had to come pick me up at camp on the last day. He had a trip planned to go to Cricket Creek. So Jordan picked me up and then we went home and about a hour later the Kershaws met up with us and we drove down to Cricket Creek on Table Rock Lake. The Armstrongs met us there and we all had a great time. We went swimming and canoed over to the other side of the lake and found a rope swing. Jordan, Jonathan and Mike were really excited about the rope swing and went off of it several times. None of the women really wanted to do it because it didn’t look that safe. We had dinner, played games, threw frisbees and saw a beautiful sunset.

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We liked one of the sunset pictures so much that we printed it and put it in our dining room. :)

Girls Camp 2010

Mon ,19/07/2010

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Church History Tour

Sun ,18/07/2010

I’ll write more on this later, here are the pictures:

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RIP Mercury

Sat ,17/07/2010

June was a really busy month. The church history tour was the first church event in June. Friday we had to meet at 11:30a to drive to Kansas City. We knew that I was going to be driving a lot so we decided that I would drive the newer car and Jordan would drive the old car to work.

So, Jordan left for work and I was packing at home when I got a phone call from Jordan saying that the car broke down on the freeway (this was the second time in two weeks that this had happened). So I start driving to pick him up and eventually picked him up and took him to work. We left the Mercury in the Sam’s Club parking lot. It got towed to the mechanic that day and I went back home and packed for the Church History Tour.

Current River Float Trip

Fri ,16/07/2010

Here are the pictures, we’ll write something on it later. We floated down the river with the Armstrongs Memorial Day Weekend. It was so much fun.

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Camping with Gainers

Fri ,16/07/2010

We’ve been wanting to go camping with our friends, the Gainers, for a while and after we finally found a weekend that worked for all of us we did. We drove down to Swan Creek and got a campsite, but it wasn’t that great of a campsite (there was a dead rotting fish by the fire pit and a big group of loud drunk people pretty close to us).

Anyway, we were willing to move the fish because it wasn’t that close to us and ignore the people because they weren’t being that loud. So we set up camp, made dinner, and played games. Masen was having a really hard time sleeping and was kind of grumpy. We kept playing games and finally decided to go home when the people camping close to us were being so loud that Masen couldn’t sleep.

We decided go home and so we started packing up camp. We heard some pretty Micky Blue Eyes, I can’t tell you what happened because I fell asleep in the first 10 minutes. So everyone watched the movie and then the next day we went to some garage sales. We got a cook corner shelf that we put in the downstairs bathroom. We had a pretty awesome time with them and we’re going to go camping again with them.

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