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Mom and Dad Visiting

Sat ,30/10/2010

My (Emily) Parents came to visit us from August 29th- September 1st. They came here on Sunday afternoon and were waiting for us when we got back from church. They were so nice and brought us some buckets of wheat.

On Monday, my parents and I went shopping in Branson. We went to this shop that had a ton of candy :D. We went to the landing and ate lunch. We started to eat outside and it was a little overcast, but not too bad. Then it started raining, but just sprinkling. We decided to go inside and almost as soon as we got inside it started pouring rain. We ate lunch and then came back home. We stopped at Walmart and got some stuff. We came home and hung out with Jordan when he got home.

The next day we went to a natural foods store here to try and find some gluten free bread for mom. There is this really cool store, but it didn’t have the bread mom likes, just the nasty stuff. Then we went to the huge Bass Pro and walked around. Mom and Dad bought us a thing that can attach a trolling motor to the canoe (more on this later). We went out to dinner at Cheddars and got some good food. We came home and watched Kung Fu Panda and then we went to bed.

Mom and Dad had to leave early the next day to make it to Oklahoma City to pick up Ryan. We had a great time with them. We’re so glad they came and visited us. Thanks!

Taking the Kershaw’s to Culver’s

Fri ,29/10/2010

We took the Kershaw’s out to dinner the last day they were in Missouri.  It was August 24th.  Probably mostly due to my encouraging them to pick Culver’s, they chose Culver’s and we had a good time there.  We had a family order of onion rings, cheese curds and ogt a burger each.  We also got concrete shakes as well of course.  You can’t go to Culver”s and not get a shake.  Yummy.  After that, we helped them pack up their car to the brim and left them.  They left early in the morning.  It was a fun evening.

YW Volleyball Tournament

Thu ,28/10/2010

It was pretty obvious in February that the Young Women from our ward are not the best at basketball. They really wanted to practice for the Volleyball Tournament in August, so we started practicing at the beginning of July. They got pretty good, but I didn’t think they were going to win. So the day came when I wasn’t really expecting much. But to my surprise they won the first game, then the second, and the third and they kept winning!

To our surprise they ended up winning the entire tournament! They did awesome. We even rewarded them with great treats :). Good job girls!

Inviting the Kershaw’s over a few times during the summer

Wed ,27/10/2010

Just a quick post about how we had the Kershaw’s over several times during the summer.  We usually had dinner with them like pizza or something and then played games.  Nothing specific comes to mind but we always had fun with them and they were always good friends for us.

Playing Frisbee Golf and Buying Lots of Books

Tue ,26/10/2010

August was a really busy month. Between everything that we were doing in June with church stuff and July with visiting Family, we hadn’t had a weekend where we were just at home. So on the 21 of August we decided we were going to have a weekend at home. We decided to play frisbee golf after we got really bored in the morning. So we played frisbee golf and on the way home we stopped at a used bookstore here and bought a bunch of books.

After visiting Pennsylvania, Jordan made a list of books he wanted to buy (it is a very long list). We bought some of those books there and we’ve been reading them. I’ve also discovered that Goodwill is a great place to buy books. The books are really cheap but the selection is really limited.

Eating Cafe Rio type food with the Kershaw’s

Mon ,25/10/2010

Sometime in the first week of August, the Kershaw’s had us over for dinner at their deluxe apartment…  Actually it is pretty nice since Dairiconcepts pays for it.  They made Cafe Rio type food so it was like Mexican salads on tortillas with fresh salsa.  We brought our homemade salsa that we made using stuff from our garden.  After dinner, we played Outburst with the Kershaw’s which was pretty fun.  We had never played it before.  Another fun time with the Kershaw’s before they abandoned us back to Utah.

Jack’s Fork River Trip

Sun ,24/10/2010

Way way way back on June 25-26th, Emily and I went on a river trip with the Armstrong’s (of course).  We went on the Jack’s Fork River from Blue Spring to Alley Spring, about 22.2 miles.  It was quite a long day.  We camped the night before in the campground at blue spring and then woke up early on Saturday and floated the river.  It was probably the prettiest river we’ve been on, but the river wasn’t quite high enough in places so we had to get out every now and again but it wasn’t too bad.  We saw lots of wildlife including a cool water snake.  We stopped lots to swim; the river was a good temperature.  It was a fun day.

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