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Jordan’s Injury

Tue ,30/11/2010

Why do the worst injuries seem to happen at Church activities? On the morning of our Halloween Party (October 30), Jordan had an Elder’s Quorum Softball Game ,(the second one). Jordan was going to play racquetball after the game, so I was expecting him to come home in the afternoon anyway. I was at home working on getting stuff ready for our party, and Jordan came home early with a swollen face full of stitches. He took a fly ball to the face, which cut his top and bottom lip and left his front teeth loose. He even finished the game. Luckily there were several doctors and dentists there. A dentist in our ward took Jordan home and gave him some stitches. It took a couple of days, but his teeth stopped hurting and the stitches fell out. Sadly, Jordan still has a scar, but luckily it is inside his mouth.

This picture was from a couple of days after it happened, so the swelling was down.

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Youth Service Project

Thu ,18/11/2010

On September 16, there was a Youth yardwork Service Project. We mowed her lawn and trimmed her hedges. She was so nice and made us cookies. It was a really good activity for everyone. The only negative was that it got dark pretty quick, so we were doing a lot of work in the dark. There were a ton of mosquitoes but it was okay after we used some insect repellent.

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Utah Trip Part 3

Wed ,17/11/2010

Friday was such a big day that it deserves its own post. But there isn’t much to say about the return trip, so its on this post too.

Friday was the day we set up everything for the big family celebration. We went to Costco and bought a bunch of stuff for it. We were taking family pictures (which I am still waiting on my copy of, hint, hint ;)). We went up to Provo Canyon and took a bunch of pictures.

After the pictures were done, Nicole, Nate, Jordan and I stopped by BYU Catering to pick up a TON of cookies, like over 500 (Nicole, what was the exact number?). After we picked them up we went to Bajio (I wish they had it here). With Nicole and Nate we bought dinner for the family and met them back at the church building.

Most of the decorating was done earlier that morning, so when we got there we were mostly just plating cookies and getting food like that ready. We went to Jared’s Court of Honor and it was pretty cool. We took a lot of pictures of it. I especially like the one of Ryan and Jared “hugging”. I kept feeding Carson cookies, that’s what a good aunt does.

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Jake my cousin’s son got a ton of cookies:

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and my mom kept giving him more, if you look carefully, you can see my mom handing him another plate full of cookies.

The Crafts were so nice to give us lots of baby clothes, but we kind of have a hard time fitting everything in the car. So I dropped Jordan off to play racquetball with Jonathan before we started driving back. I stopped at Walmart and bought some spacesaver bags and we managed to get a ton in our car:

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We managed to get 4 buckets of wheat in the car too. Here are pictures of the things that were in our car spread out in part of our living room:

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Utah Trip Part 2

Tue ,16/11/2010

On Tuesday, Nicole, Nate, Katie, Jordan and I went to REI and IKEA. Man, I miss that store so much, it is so great. We had some stuff we wanted to return to REI and we figured since we were driving anyway we might as well take it back to one in Utah. At IKEA, Jordan and I bought a bunch of stuff including some bookshelves for our reading area (which is in a forthcoming post). We got these cute little finger puppets for Katie and Carson. Ashley and Lance went through the temple while Jared watched Carson. It was great that our whole family could be together on such a special day. Nicole and I saw our old roommate Randi, it was pretty neat.

On Wednesday, Ryan, Nathan, and Jordan played racquetball in the morning and poor Nate’s toes got hurt (I think his toenails eventually fell off). I think they also went swimming. Nicole and I went to the Shade Sale at their warehouse, it took us a long time to find it because the directions on the website were not very good and the GPS always has a hard time finding places in between cities in Utah.

So we ended up running behind when we finally got there, we stopped at the house and picked up Ryan and Jordan, then went to Nate’s Parents to pick him up. With some fast maneuvering we were all changed into church clothes and we got to the temple on time.

Ashley and Lance got sealed and then they brought Carson in. He did not like being without his mom. He was crying all the time and stopped when Ashley held him. He would start crying when the sealer talked (which was pretty funny).

After we were done in the temple, we took some pictures of Ashley and Lance outside of the temple. They were cute and Carson was much happier when he was back with his parents.Then we went home to have a special dinner with them. (We stopped by the Shade Sale again so Ashley and my mom could go).

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On Thursday my grandma came in and we got to spend some time with her. That night we had a family swim. Ashley and Lance felt sick so we took Carson to the pool, which he loves.

Jordan liked swimming so much that he insisted that we find a way that he could do it here (which he has pretty much every day we’ve been back).

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Playing racquetball in Utah

Fri ,05/11/2010

Emily will write about our trip to Utah but I wanted to mention that I played racquetball like 8 or 9 hours while we were there.  It was really awesome.  I played for about an hour and a half with Nathan and Jared on Tuesday at the Orem recreation center and swam in the pool afterwards.  Nathan was pretty good; we were pretty evenly matched but he generally had the upper hand.  I still wanted a rematch though but apparently he hurt his feet pretty bad when we played and so he didn’t play again.  On Thursday, I was supposed to play with Jonathan after the Commodities field trip but he didn’t get back until late so he had to cancel on me.  But Chase saved me and he and I ended up playing for about 1.5-2 hours at the Provo Recreation center.  It was of course a lot of fun too.  I beat him pretty bad but he also got a few points on me as well.  On Friday Jonathan and I played for a couple of hours in the morning before his classes at the Provo Rec center; he left from there to campus.  After we got done, he jokingly said that we should play on Saturday morning, before Emily and I left.  After he said it, I realized that it wasn’t actually a bad idea since it would help me wake up before the long drive to Missouri so we played again for a couple of hours.  Emily dropped me off in the morning and then Jonathan just took me to Emily’s parents house where she was waiting for us to leave for Missouri.  It was a lot of fun as usual.  I beat Jonathan but he managed to hold his own and win a few games.  Good times with friends

Trip to Utah Part 1

Mon ,01/11/2010

We were so excited to to to Utah for Ashley and Lance’s sealing, Ryan’s homecoming, and Jared’s Eagle Court of Honor. Plane tickets were really cheap in April, but ended up being really expensive when we knew a definite date. When we went out to Pennsylvania we decided we were going to drive out to Utah. We thought Nicole and Nate were going to drive with us, but they got tickets for really cheap at the last minute. We packed really lightly and so our car was not really full when we went to Utah.

The first day I picked up Jordan from work and we drove to Salina. The second day we drove from Salina to Utah. Needless to say it was a very, very long drive the second day. It was really boring most of the way, there really isn’t much between Kansas City and the Denver (no offense to people who are from there).  One really annoying thing was that as we were crossing the mountains in Colorado, cars kept stopping while they went up the summit. So it took us longer than we expected. We told my parents we would be getting in Sunday and we really got in late Saturday night. The most interesting thing are the road signs:

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The next morning (Sunday), we showed up to my parents ward (at 9a) and surprised Jared, who was greeting people. We sat down and waited for my family to show up. Then we surprised them. It was really funny. We spent most of the day on Sunday at my Parents. It was the first time I had seen Ryan in a long time and it was a lot of fun to hear his mission stories.

Playing frisbee golf with Karsten and having them over afterwards

Mon ,01/11/2010

The weekend that the Kershaw’s left (the 28th), I played frisbee golf with Karsten.  It was a hot day and Karsten hadn’t ever played before.  He did ok, not much worse than I did and I’ve played a few times.  hehe.  It was fun.  Then that night we had his wife and he over and played some games and such.  It was also fun.  No pictures, sorry.