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Long Creek Recreation Area

Fri ,31/12/2010

Missouri weather is awesome, we could go swimming at the lake at the end of September and still be warm! The other thing that was funny about this trip was that we used a GPS to meet Mike and Jordan and it took us almost double the time it took them to get there. My parents gave us a trolling motor that we could attach to our canoe, so this was the perfect time to try it out, unfortunatly we didn’t take any pictures of us using it (sorry). There was an awesome rope swing and all of us took turns trying it out. When we were done playing on the rope swing, Jordan and Mike swam back to the shore.

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Pesto Pictures and Recipe

Thu ,30/12/2010

We made a ton of pesto from the basil in our garden this summer. I froze it in ice cube trays and store it in the freezer in zip-top bags.

Here’s the recipe:

I double the recipe and use only 2 cups of olive oil instead of 3. We like it more of a spread instead of a sauce.

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Clock Craft

Wed ,29/12/2010

I just wanted to post about this cute craft idea I had. I bought a brand new clock at Goodwill for really cheap. We needed a clock, but this one was really ugly.

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So I decided to spice it up a bit. I took apart the clock, measured the circle in the back. Then, I found some Halloween scrapbook paper, and used my cricut to cut out a circle. I used some sticker paper to cut out the numbers, put everything back together and voila:

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Instant (well almost) festive clock. I’ve made backs for Thanksgiving/Fall, and Christmas. I’m planning on making them for each holiday/season in the year. It is super easy, and I got rid of the icky looking clock.

Silly Chickens and Garden

Tue ,28/12/2010

I am really behind in blogging, hopefully I’ll catch up soon.

During the summer we fence the chickens in, but they can fly over the fence and walk around the yard. They are kind of stupid because they can jump out of the fence but don’t know how to get back in where their food and water is. Occasionally we’ll find eggs in random places, but we can usually find them easily because the chickens will be hanging out under the porch or somewhere like that. In late September, I was picking food out of the garden and found this:

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One of the chickens had actually moved over a bell pepper and was sitting on it like an egg.One thing we love about Missouri is that the growing season is pretty long, so we got a lot of stuff from our garden through most of October.