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Work in the Backyard

Tue ,04/01/2011

Jordan and I want to build a garden box against the house, so in mid-October we started to dig up the grass to make room for it. We thought it would be easy, how hard can digging up grass be? Wrong, we kept hitting these big rocks, and then we had to dig them out, and fill in the holes. We cleared it out, but we haven’t built the wall or planted anything. When we went to Lowes they didn’t have a very big selection of retaining wall stones, and the employee said they get many more during the spring. So hopefully in the spring we’ll plant lots of pretty flowers and it will be beautiful.

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Ipod Drowning and Apple Butter Days

Mon ,03/01/2011

On October 8, Jordan went swimming with his ipod. He called me at a YW sleepover and told me. So on the 9th, when he was playing racquetball with some friends, I went to Sam’s Club and bought him a new one. I got an awesome deal on it 3rd gen 64GB, but I bought the wrong one, Jordan wanted a 4th generation because it was so much better (I didn’t believe him at first, but it really is). We met up with the Armstrongs and all of us went to Apple Butter Days, this festival that Jordan’s coworker’s church was volunteering at, and got a bunch of yummy apple butter and kettle corn. It was funny how many people we saw from church there. One funny thing that happened was that I got this apple that was wrapped in pie crust with caramel and ice cream, and when they handed it to me it had a bee in it (we did not pay extra for the bee). They gave us a new one, an it was pretty tasty. On the way back, we stopped at Sam’s club and bought the right ipod.

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Sushi and Frisbee Golf

Sun ,02/01/2011

Curse Daylight Savings Time! Just kidding (almost). I just miss being able to do stuff outside after Jordan gets home from work. On October 4, we had a sushi picnic and played Frisbee golf for Family Home Evening. Jordan is really good, and I think I’m getting better, but it’s been such a long time since we’ve played that I’m probably just as bad as when we started.

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Lots of Peppers

Sat ,01/01/2011

Jordan and I have been to some of the Farmer’s Markets here, and like all farmers markets, there are good deals, and there are bad deals. Usually the Amish people have their produce reasonably priced, but the other booths are not. We bought a bunch of green bell peppers and banana peppers from an Amish booth, as well as 20 lbs (the girl estimated instead of weighing it out, when we weighed it out it was closer to 25lbs) of butternut squash for 10 dollars. We were walking back to our car when we passed a booth that had a small bushel of red bell peppers that said 6 dollars. We thought, hmm, maybe he means you get some for 6, but surely not the entire container. Wrong, we got the whole container! So we took the peppers home, cut them up while we listened to Conference, and now we have bags of frozen diced peppers in our freezer. One other thing we’ve done is make soup base with the butternut squash. We make it like we normally would, but we don’t add any dairy to it. Then when we’re ready to eat it we thaw out the base, add the cream and we’re ready to eat. Both are incredibly handy and save a lot of time (and money).

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