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4th of July Party

Thu ,08/12/2011

After our doctors appointment on June 30th, Jordan and I were pretty confident that our baby wasn’t going to be born on her due date (July 4th was our original due date, but it was changed to the July 11th after an early ultrasound). My doctor said that most first time moms are overdue anyway and that after my next appointment (July 6th) that we would schedule an induction date for after the 17th because he was going on vacation. Thank goodness she was born before that!

Because my doctor seemed pretty confident that our baby wasn’t going to be born, we decided we were going to have a July 4th party. We invited the Armstrongs, Brawns, Budds, Gees, and the Wards. Jordan worked on the retaining wall outside and I got stuff set up for the party. I kept forgetting things and I swear I went to Walmart 4 times that day. We always forget to take pictures of food, but we had some great grilled food thanks to Eddie’s grilling skills.

All of us bought a TON of fireworks, and the fireworks were awesome because in Missouri you can have any fireworks. A lot of our neighbors set off fireworks too so it was like one giant firework show. Some of our neighbors even caught a field by our house on fire. We got some cool pictures of the fireworks and sparklers with the kids. The Brawns had to leave early because Veronica had to work an early shift at the hospital (in labor and delivery).  Everyone had left our house by about 11pm and we decided that we would just go to bed and clean everything up the next day. Needless to say that didn’t happen…. Heidi and Ryan were so kind and cleaned our house when we were in the hospital with Natalie.

Backyard Retaining Wall

Thu ,01/12/2011

Yay, caught up through June!

The first fall we lived in our house we planted tulips in one of our garden boxes then the following spring we tore them out so we could plant vegetables. Last fall we didn’t plant any bulbs because we were too lazy and we didn’t want to take up space in our garden where we had other plants planned. So last year we started digging against the back of our house to make a planter box for tulips, other bulbs, and perennials. We didn’t get very far besides clearing the grass away (which quickly grew back in the spring). We both got tired of looking at the start of a project, that Jordan decided to do something about it. We even bought an entire pallet of retaining wall stones and half a pallet of toppers. Did you know the Home Depot will deliver pallets of things like that to your house for a small fee? We decided that option was easier than loading a rental truck or our little Corollas up with stones and having Jordan stack them somewhere in the backyard.

Starting in Fall 2010

Preview image of file

Working in July 2011

Jordan worked on it and Ryan came over to help him finish. It was a super hot day and they got it mostly done, we just needed dirt in it. I’ll take some pictures of the finished product when the flowers have bloomed in the spring. The wall itself looks great, but it will look even better when the box is serving it’s purpose. Jordan liked it so much that he made another one on the side of our house around the AC unit so that we could plant some bushes and not have to weed wack around it.

Boppy Pillow Cover

Thu ,01/12/2011

I bought a boppy pillow but it only had one cover, so I decided to make another because they are ridiculously expensive for something that is easy to do on your own.

I used this pattern.  I made some minor modifications. Ignore the weird zipper thing the pattern has, just cut out two of the basic shape and sew a basting stitch about 1 inch in from where the zipper should go. Make sure to clip the fabric around where the curved parts are, it will help the fabric lay flat against the pillow.

Also, if you want to make it, just print everything out and tape the pieces together, it works, I promise.

The zipper:

Cardinals Game with DairiConcepts

Thu ,01/12/2011

Two weeks after going to the baseball game with the tickets my boss gave us was the annual DairiConcepts Family baseball game. We had dinner at Jordan’s work then everyone went to the baseball field to watch the game. Our seats were not as good as they were the last time, but we still had a pretty good view of the game. Our seats this time were also in the middle of a LONG row, which is not the best thing for a very pregnant woman (38.5 weeks at the time). I’m pretty sure everyone in the row understood why I kept getting up to use the bathroom, but I’m also sure it didn’t make it any less annoying.

The game this time was a lot less exciting. The Cardinals dominated, but it was still fun to watch. This game was also on a Friday night, so there were fireworks again.

Jordan, looking good again:

More Fireworks!

Cardinals Game

Thu ,01/12/2011

In June my boss had some ticked to a Cardinals game that he couldn’t use, so he gave them to us. He gave us four tickets and we called a bunch of people to try and get them to come with us, but we didn’t have any luck, so we went alone. The seats were great, they were right behind home plate, and the game was great. During the 8th inning the Drillers scored 4 runs and people started to leave because the Cardinals only had 3 runs. The the game started to get really exciting.  They both had 9 runs in the 9th inning, but n the end the Cardinals ended up winning by one run in the 10th inning. It was also cool because it was on a Friday Night, so there were fireworks (who doesn’t like fireworks?).


Jordan (looking good ;))

How good our seats were:

The final score:


Baby Shower

Thu ,01/12/2011

I know this post is from June, but better late than never, right?

On June 4, Heidi and Jen threw me a baby shower and it was awesome. We had a crepe bar with tons of toppings and the crepes were delicious! Thanks Jen, Heidi, and everyone that came!