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August St Louis Trip

Tue ,06/03/2012

At the beginning of August we went to St Louis to go to the temple and the zoo. Natalie was almost a month old and she did really well for the long trip. We stayed the night in a hotel with the Budds, and Ryan’s sister. It was really, really hot that day and it was the first time I had to feed Natalie in public (outside of home and church). It was really hard to find places to feed her, but we eventually found an air conditioned room that was nice to feed her in.

Natalie started smiling big in her sleep. (we whisper that we love her)

I love elephants!

Family Picture (That is a really unflattering picture of me)

I loved seeing the elephants, it was so exciting! This was right before the elephant jumped in the water.

It is funny that the sign says flesh made

I like that these owls stand on one leg.

I liked the baby and mom giraffes

We had a really good time at the Zoo and have gone since. I can’t believe how fast babies grow and how different she is.

8 Months Today!

Mon ,05/03/2012

Natalie is 8 months old today! We can’t believe how fast time is flying and how quickly she is growing up.  We sure do love our little girl and are so happy for her to be part of our family.

Jordan’s Parents Visiting

Sun ,04/03/2012

Jordan’s Parents came to visit July 27 to August 1 (Jordan’s dad left July 30). We were so excited to have them come visit and meet Natalie.

Natalie got lots of cuddle time with Grammy Chapman.

and Grandpa Chapman

Daddy and Grandpa’s wedding rings

We played lots of games

We went to Dixie Stampede on Friday night and Natalie slept the entire time we were there (even through the fireworks at the end). She woke up when we were leaving. I need to scan the picture in, because Jordan’s parents bought the picture from Dixie Stampede, and it is the only one we have together.

Jordan and his parents at the airport.

I love their faces in this picture.

Grammy Chapman gave Natalie a bath.

Jordan’s mom was able to go to Natalie’s blessing. It was really nice that we could have her here. My parents bought us a beautiful blessing dress for Natalie. Natalie looked like a little angel. One funny thing that happened was that Jordan held Natalie on her on his arm (stomach down).

Family Picture

Grammy and Natalie

All of us together

We couldn’t get Natalie in her carseat with the dress on, so I took a picture of her.

We took some pictures of Natalie in her dress. She got tired of it very quickly.

She really wanted to be done with pictures.

We were so glad that Grammy and Grandpa Chapman could come visit. We had so much fun and look forward to the family reunion this summer.

Natalie July 2011

Sat ,03/03/2012

Here are pictures of Natalie from July.

Week 2 (7.13-19)

Natalie’s 2 Week Stats:

Height-19 3/4
Weight-7 lbs 7 oz
Head 14 inches

Best milk drunk face ever

One of Grandpa Chapman’s Favorites

Such a happy baby!

Week 3 (7.20-7.26)

She has always slept with her hands behind her head (like Jordan)

Natalie used to love when Jordan would her like this

She let us know early on when she didn’t want something

She also let us know when she was happy.

This is a giant tomato we grew last summer.

She used to be so tiny in her crib

Next Post: Jordan’s Parents Visiting.

Natalie’s First Bath

Fri ,02/03/2012

Well, We are so behind, but I’m going to try and and catch up. Here are pictures from Natalie’s first bath. Her umbilical cord stump fell off when she was about a week old, so we gave her a bath. I can’t believe how big she has gotten.

She liked to copy my face.

I love this picture of Jordan and Natalie.