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Sat ,25/08/2012

Yesterday morning Natalie woke up early and wouldn’t go back to sleep because she was hungry. So I brought her downstairs and she ate breakfast while Jordan got ready for work. She finished and was playing with toys by the time Jordan came downstairs and was ecstatic to see him. She was singing to him and laughing at everything he was doing. She stood by his chair in the dining room and patted his back and just had fun being with Daddy. When it was time for Jordan to leave Natalie had a breakdown, she walked to him and held onto his legs so he couldn’t go. When I picked her up she reached for Jordan and when he opened the garage and got into his car she bawled and kept saying “daddydada.” Pretty sweet how much she loves her daddy.

Later in the day we were watching a video of her cousin Katie meeting her new baby brother for the first time. Natalie loved that video, she kept saying “Dadee” (Katie) and we watched it over and over because she loved it so much. A little time passed and I was chatting with Nicole about the video, so I tried to turn it on again for Natalie, but it wasn’t working. The next best thing is a video of herself, so I turned on this video for her to watch:

Natalie walking to Jordan

Cute, right? NO! Big mistake, check out who is in the background. Natalie started bawling, “daaddydaddydada,” she was SO upset. The good news is that Jordan and I had already planned for him and Natalie to go on a bike ride on the Frisco Highland trail after he got off of work. I was excited to have some alone time and to get things done without Natalie (she’s super cute, but being productive is really hard when she is around).

Jordan and I had packed the bike trailer in his car and I got everything Natalie needed for a fun afternoon with Jordan. So we met Jordan at his work and they were ready to go. I was super productive while they were gone and pretty amazed at how quickly I was able to get things done without Natalie unfolding or throwing stuff.

Jordan came home and told me that they had a fun time and stopped at Culver’s and got ice cream afterward and at Academy to get some bike gloves for him. I asked how the bike ride was and if Natalie was good for him, and he asked Natalie if they should tell me about “the incident.” As you read what happened, remember they were on a designated bike trail (no cars or other vehicles are allowed on it). Apparently has never put the bike trailer on his bike before, I have always done it for him, so this is partly my fault. Bike trailers have a hitch that attaches to the back tire of a bike and a pin that attaches the trailer to the bike (to attach it quickly). Here’s a picture to help:

Jordan thought the center part (the black piece) just slid into the bike part and didn’t put the pin through (oops!). About 3 miles trail they hit a bump and the bike trailer came off his bike and slid off the trail onto grass. Natalie was a bit startled, so she cried, but once Jordan was there, she was fine. Jordan attached the bike trailer (with the pin this time) and they went back to riding. That is how Natalie had her first experience off-roading.

Natalie loves it!

Cardinals Game 8.20.12

Tue ,21/08/2012

Last night we went to a Cardinals Game. Brother Derges had tickets in box seats and he invited us and a couple other people to join him. They were really good seats and it was fun having a place where Natalie could move around and not bother other people. Natalie enjoyed listening to the music they play during the game and dancing, she was showing off to everyone and loved the attention. About halfway through the game Louie, the mascot, came through the boxes to say hi and take picture with people in the boxes. When he was in the adjacent box, Natalie seemed interested in him.


Her interest quickly turned to terror as he stopped to say hi to her. She was so scared, in fact, that she just froze in place and started screaming and shaking as she held onto the seat for dear life (while I motion to Jordan to take a picture):

She really didn’t trust the giant birdman:

I thought maybe if I held her and we took a picture she’d be okay with it, but nope, that did not fly with Natalie. By the way, I thought it was HILARIOUS and so did most of the people in the box. I can’t wait to see what she does with Santa.

Louie went to the other boxes and Natalie eyed him the entire way down. I tried to put her down when he was still in her eyesight and she screamed and started crying. Once he was gone (for good) she let us put her down and started enjoying the game again. We ended up leaving before the game was over because it was almost 10 and both teams still only had 1 run from early on in the game.

Art Project

Mon ,20/08/2012

I found some fabric with jungle animals (this fabric) when I was pregnant with Natalie and I (still) love it! I wanted to do something that would match it and have elephants on it (I love elephants)! I found a canvas at Goodwill at the end of July and was excited that I could make some artwork for Natalie’s room.

Here are the before and after pictures:



Here’s a link to the gallery to see the in between pictures. If you need the password, message me.

Family Bike Ride

Sat ,18/08/2012

We rode our bikes today on the Frisco Highland Trail this morning, 16  miles! Natalie did great and she even fell asleep on the way back.