The Crazy Chapmans
Jordan, Emily, Natalie, and Zachary

Backpacking Swan Creek with Mike Jan 2011

So Mike Armstrong and I had been planning a good backpacking trip for a couple of weeks.  I was going to take a half day off work so we could do some long backpacking trip.  However, I had a work meeting planned in the afternoon so I ended up not being able to take the half day so we just were going to go to Hercules Glade Wilderness Area instead.  Well, on the way to Hercules, I drove off the road and did some damage to my car (1000$ to be exact, which we’ll post on later).  So we drove all the way home, got Emily’s car, and we ended up going to Swan Creek Area instead since it’s closer.  We still had a lot of fun.  We ended up hiking 13.2 miles.  You can check out the trails we hiked on on my backpacking site, (although give me a bit to put it on there).  It was so cold at night but we stayed warm enough.  I’m glad we went despite the traumatizing car accident on the way :)

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