The Crazy Chapmans
Jordan, Emily, Natalie, and Zachary

Room Makeover in Progress

We’re so excited for our baby, so we bought furniture in early January. I said that before we set up the furniture we had to paint the room. Here’s how we paint things in our house. I pick out paint chips and then I put them on the wall and Jordan pick one of the colors (or narrows it down to two). Then we buy sample paint and paint a square on the wall and leave it for a couple of days. I really like blue and brown together and figured that both colors were appropriate for a boy or girl.

I got my favorite paint Behr Premium Plus Ultra in the shade Jordan decided on and painted it. Don’t worry it’s not done yet. We’re still deciding on other decorations for the rest of the room. Now the furniture is in the room and once everything is done we’ll post some pictures. Until then, here are some pictures of the room in progress:


View photos at SmugMug


View photos at SmugMug

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  1. Sariah Says:

    How fun! Congrats on the girl!