The Crazy Chapmans
Jordan, Emily, Natalie, and Zachary

Cardinals Game 8.20.12

Last night we went to a Cardinals Game. Brother Derges had tickets in box seats and he invited us and a couple other people to join him. They were really good seats and it was fun having a place where Natalie could move around and not bother other people. Natalie enjoyed listening to the music they play during the game and dancing, she was showing off to everyone and loved the attention. About halfway through the game Louie, the mascot, came through the boxes to say hi and take picture with people in the boxes. When he was in the adjacent box, Natalie seemed interested in him.


Her interest quickly turned to terror as he stopped to say hi to her. She was so scared, in fact, that she just froze in place and started screaming and shaking as she held onto the seat for dear life (while I motion to Jordan to take a picture):

She really didn’t trust the giant birdman:

I thought maybe if I held her and we took a picture she’d be okay with it, but nope, that did not fly with Natalie. By the way, I thought it was HILARIOUS and so did most of the people in the box. I can’t wait to see what she does with Santa.

Louie went to the other boxes and Natalie eyed him the entire way down. I tried to put her down when he was still in her eyesight and she screamed and started crying. Once he was gone (for good) she let us put her down and started enjoying the game again. We ended up leaving before the game was over because it was almost 10 and both teams still only had 1 run from early on in the game.

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