The Crazy Chapmans
Jordan, Emily, Natalie, and Zachary


We had a great Easter this year. There was a Young Women Fundraiser Saturday and Natalie had a lot of fun hunting for eggs and buying treats at the Easter store. She insisted on bring both Easter baskets and wearing her hat the whole time.

Here she is getting eggs:

She got some pictures taken:

(She’s eating a laffy taffy)

Later that afternoon we dyed eggs with the Budds:

It took about 5 minutes for Natalie to spill one of the dyes and she really enjoyed tossing (literally) the eggs into the dye.

The next day we had an Easter egg hunt in nursery and the snacks were hidden in the eggs, the kids seemed to really enjoy it.

We didn’t give Natalie her Easter basket until after church since Jordan was at meetings before church. When we gave it to her she was really excited about the duck pez dispenser and the lollypop:

Here’s a link to a video of her opening her basket.

We had the Newberry family over for dinner and had turkey breast, rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli and lemon blueberry pound cake for dessert. We didn’t take any pictures of food, oops, but it was all delicious.

Late Sunday afternoon Jordan let Natalie play with a sharpie while she was still in her Easter dress. She came inside and had the sharpie open with two giant streaks across her dress. I was pretty upset that he had given her a sharpie in the first place, but as of today I got almost both stains out. The first one is totally gone and the second one (the bigger of the two) is just a faint mark. Yay!

I’m so grateful we were able to spend Easter as a family and with friends.

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