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Floating down the Eleven Point River

Mon ,14/03/2011

Wow, this one is even worse that we having blogged on.  Way way back on Aug 14, 2010, Ryan Budd and I and the Armstrongs and the Bishop and his wife went floating down the Eleven point river from the Greer Crossing access to Whitten access.  It was about 12 miles.  Emily and Heidi were preparing for and having Heidi’s baby shower.  It was another float trip.  We moved fairly slowly due to having the Bishop with us since he likes to stop all the time and fish.  We made fun of him for it but really it was pretty fun.  I don’t mind moving slow. The pictures pretty much tell the story.  I like Missouri for it’s rivers; it may not have any natural lakes, but it abounds in natural very pretty rivers.

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Floating the North Fork River

Sun ,13/03/2011

I can’t believe that we haven’t written on this yet.  Way back on September 18th, 2010, Emily and I and the Armstrong’s floated down a section of the North Fork River.  It was a lot of fun.  We started at the North Fork Recreation Area and got out at the Patrick Bridge Access Area.  It was about 14 miles total.  The river was pretty and deep enough I don’t remember having to get out at all to drag the boats along.  We might have though a little.  It was pretty cool, there was a spring right in the middle of the river.  We have some pictures of it.  The river was pretty chilly if I remember right but it felt good because it was pretty warm outside.  As usual when we float rivers with the Armstrongs, we got out a ton for swimming, etc. which is great because I like taking my time sometimes. We’ll for sure be floating down this river again.  14 miles was a good length too; we’ve done longer and it was alright as well but 14 was a good day especially since we started fairly late in the day.

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Jack’s Fork River Trip

Sun ,24/10/2010

Way way way back on June 25-26th, Emily and I went on a river trip with the Armstrong’s (of course).  We went on the Jack’s Fork River from Blue Spring to Alley Spring, about 22.2 miles.  It was quite a long day.  We camped the night before in the campground at blue spring and then woke up early on Saturday and floated the river.  It was probably the prettiest river we’ve been on, but the river wasn’t quite high enough in places so we had to get out every now and again but it wasn’t too bad.  We saw lots of wildlife including a cool water snake.  We stopped lots to swim; the river was a good temperature.  It was a fun day.

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Cricket Creek

Tue ,20/07/2010

We only had one car we I was at Girl’s Camp which was great, but Jordan had to come pick me up at camp on the last day. He had a trip planned to go to Cricket Creek. So Jordan picked me up and then we went home and about a hour later the Kershaws met up with us and we drove down to Cricket Creek on Table Rock Lake. The Armstrongs met us there and we all had a great time. We went swimming and canoed over to the other side of the lake and found a rope swing. Jordan, Jonathan and Mike were really excited about the rope swing and went off of it several times. None of the women really wanted to do it because it didn’t look that safe. We had dinner, played games, threw frisbees and saw a beautiful sunset.

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We liked one of the sunset pictures so much that we printed it and put it in our dining room. :)

Current River Float Trip

Fri ,16/07/2010

Here are the pictures, we’ll write something on it later. We floated down the river with the Armstrongs Memorial Day Weekend. It was so much fun.

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Table Rock Lake – Canoeing

Sat ,22/05/2010

So we finally got car racks for our toyota corolla so we could attach the canoe that Emily’s parents gave us to the car.  On April 17th and 18th, we went canoeing on the Table Rock Lake.  We had a blast!  It was so beautiful.  I kind of did underestimate the distance of the canoeing.  We ended up going about 8 miles each way.  We started at Cape Fair public use area and canoed into the Piney Creek Wilderness area.  There was a perfect campsite which was at the base of the trail that leads into the wilderness area.  In the morning, when we started canoeing again, it was so pretty.  It has gotten below freezing during the night and so there was tons of steam on the lake and it was really pretty.  There weren’t very many people on the lake, probably due to it not being “perfect” weather.  Emily was a real sport going with me.

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Elevation Profile

# Distance Time Movingtime Speed Max Speed Climb Up Climb Down
1 0.000 mi 0s 0s
2 1.007 mi 23m 16s 23m 16s 2.60 mph 3.58 mph 112 ft 118 ft
3 2.004 mi 48m 55s 48m 55s 2.46 mph 3.63 mph 180 ft 194 ft
4 3.007 mi 1h 12m 23s 1h 12m 23s 2.49 mph 3.65 mph 243 ft 256 ft
5 4.002 mi 1h 38m 01s 1h 38m 01s 2.45 mph 3.65 mph 318 ft 341 ft
6 5.003 mi 2h 06m 15s 2h 06m 15s 2.38 mph 3.65 mph 410 ft 436 ft
7 6.002 mi 2h 30m 02s 2h 30m 02s 2.40 mph 4.01 mph 492 ft 515 ft
8 7.006 mi 2h 52m 37s 2h 52m 37s 2.44 mph 4.13 mph 597 ft 610 ft
9 8.001 mi 4h 00m 26s 3h 33m 23s 2.00 mph 16.28 mph 928 ft 955 ft
10 9.001 mi 16h 07m 18s 4h 15m 13s 0.56 mph 59.52 mph 1552 ft 1575 ft
11 10.012 mi 16h 28m 30s 4h 36m 25s 0.61 mph 59.52 mph 1591 ft 1614 ft
12 11.010 mi 16h 49m 21s 4h 57m 16s 0.65 mph 59.52 mph 1644 ft 1663 ft
13 12.008 mi 17h 11m 50s 5h 19m 45s 0.70 mph 59.52 mph 1686 ft 1706 ft
14 13.006 mi 17h 36m 46s 5h 44m 41s 0.74 mph 59.52 mph 1814 ft 1841 ft
15 14.007 mi 18h 02m 32s 6h 10m 27s 0.78 mph 59.52 mph 1873 ft 1896 ft
16 15.005 mi 18h 25m 23s 6h 33m 18s 0.81 mph 59.52 mph 1939 ft 1962 ft
17 15.594 mi 18h 57m 19s 6h 46m 10s 0.82 mph 59.52 mph 2037 ft 2024 ft
Summary 15.594 mi 18h 57m 19s 6h 46m 10s

Table Rock Lake