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Haircuts and the Flowbee

Mon ,28/03/2011

I got a haircut last week when Jordan was out of town. It wasn’t really what I was expecting or what I had asked for, but I’m getting used to it (it helps that Jordan likes it).

Haircuts always remind of me my Dad and:

Now, if you haven’t heard of a Flowbee before, it is basically clippers that you connect to a vacuum so there is no clean up when you’re done cutting hair.  There are a series of plastic spaces you add to cut it longer or to cut at an angle. Sounds simple enough, right?

Yes, my dad bought one of these at the As Seen on TV Store somewhere between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg on our way to DollyWood when we lived inTennessee. We stopped at a huge As Seen on TV store that had things like The Perfect Pancake and Epil Stop n Spray. I can’t find the video, but you might remember it. It was this spray stuff that you spray on hair and it “magically” wipes off and doesn’t grow for a long time. There is one scene in the infomerical where there is a guy with a really, really hairy back (we’re talking like man/bear combo), and they spray this stuff on his back and there’s a bald spot.

I can remember him convincing my mom that it would work and that it would save so much money on haircuts for my dad and brothers. Keep in mind this is not the first time he tried to buy it, but this time his convincing worked and we bought it. So we went to Dollywood, then we went home and Dad was so excited to used the new Flowbee.

Our house in Tennessee had a central vacuum (the kind that has ductwork built into the house with the canister located in a central location, in our case the garage). So my dad cut my brothers’ hair first ( I can’t remember which one was first), and both my brothers hated it, but the Flowbee lived up to it’s name.My brothers would go quite a long time in between haircuts because of how much they said they didn’t like it. I think at one point he tried to convince Ashley that she could cut her hair and bangs with it. I’m pretty sure that didn’t work. I’m positive that emptying the canister on the vacuum wasn’t that much fun either. My dad continued cut his hair and their hair with it until they moved to Utah. Even now, when you ask my brother Jared about the Flowbee he’ll make this shuddering noise and say he’s glad he doesn’t have to have his hair cut like that anymore.

I bet that if my dad had a flowbee still he’d be cutting his hair, and maybe the dog’s because they have a dog attachment now. :)

Utah Trip Part 3

Wed ,17/11/2010

Friday was such a big day that it deserves its own post. But there isn’t much to say about the return trip, so its on this post too.

Friday was the day we set up everything for the big family celebration. We went to Costco and bought a bunch of stuff for it. We were taking family pictures (which I am still waiting on my copy of, hint, hint ;)). We went up to Provo Canyon and took a bunch of pictures.

After the pictures were done, Nicole, Nate, Jordan and I stopped by BYU Catering to pick up a TON of cookies, like over 500 (Nicole, what was the exact number?). After we picked them up we went to Bajio (I wish they had it here). With Nicole and Nate we bought dinner for the family and met them back at the church building.

Most of the decorating was done earlier that morning, so when we got there we were mostly just plating cookies and getting food like that ready. We went to Jared’s Court of Honor and it was pretty cool. We took a lot of pictures of it. I especially like the one of Ryan and Jared “hugging”. I kept feeding Carson cookies, that’s what a good aunt does.

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Jake my cousin’s son got a ton of cookies:

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and my mom kept giving him more, if you look carefully, you can see my mom handing him another plate full of cookies.

The Crafts were so nice to give us lots of baby clothes, but we kind of have a hard time fitting everything in the car. So I dropped Jordan off to play racquetball with Jonathan before we started driving back. I stopped at Walmart and bought some spacesaver bags and we managed to get a ton in our car:

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We managed to get 4 buckets of wheat in the car too. Here are pictures of the things that were in our car spread out in part of our living room:

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Visit to Bass Pro Shop

Sat ,19/09/2009

Friday night we took Jared to see Star Trek in the cheap movie theater here (kind of like the dollar theater in Provo). It was great, it made Star Trek look cool.

So, I’m certain that someone is going to comment on the first picture, so let me explain. We went to Bass Pro Shop the Saturday before Jared and I left to go back to Utah. As we were driving there we pulled behind the car in the first picture. I told Jordan that we knew we weren’t in Utah anymore because of the window decal.

Jordan, Jared and I went to Bass Pro Shop before Jared and I left to go back to Utah. Jared mainly wanted to go to tell my dad he’d been there. The Bass Pro Shops are headquartered in Springfield. We went there and we were kind of disappointed. Usually there are a ton of exhibits and big tanks with fish. There’s usually even a waterfall. However, when we went there was barely anything. They are having some major renovations, so hopefully the next time someone comes to visit there’s something. There were a couple of things that were still open. We got to see the cute turtles and a big fish (a pike maybe?).

There was a really big tank that was open and there was a duck with a blue beak. I didn’t get a very good picture, but the blue beak was really cool. By the ducks there were these really funny shirts. The first one that Jordan found said “I went camping and burned my wiener” it had a picture of a guy with a burnt hot dog on a stick. The second one was a picture of a guy with a rope and rock on top of him that said “Rock on Dude.” Jared got the second one although Jordan tried pretty hard to persuade him to get the first.

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